Thursday, May 1, 2008

My 300th Post: Leave A Memory

I can hardly believe it.

I've clicked that "Publish Post" button 300 times. Sometimes I think I'm out of my mind for bearing my soul on here. But, I hope that if nothing else, you have laughed here. Because in the words of my most favoritest and beloved Dr. Suess:

“From there to here,
from here to there,
funny things are everywhere.”

I sincerely hope that at least once, you have left this little blog of mine laughing.

I'm kinda social, if you haven't gathered that from the various bits of me that are scattered among sweet pictures of my children, recipes, lessons I'm learning, and memories I've captured. So, I thought I'd make this momentous occasion interactive. Read: You get to participate!

Here's how:

In the comments section below, leave one memory that you and I have shared together. It doesn't matter if you know me a little or a lot, if we're family or friends in real life, blogging buddies, or you're just a casual visitor here. It can be
anything from a real life experience we shared to a blog post that had you laughing out loud to a comment I left on your blog. It can be funny or meaningful or force me to plot my revenge against you. You're limited only by your memory and creativity. It's entirely up to you. (Family, please be gentle.)

And since I'm such a sucker for giveaways, I've got an oh-so-fabulous one for you to win.

This is one of my favorite cookbooks of all time! I think the Barefoot Contessa is the culinary equivalent to Einstein and she's written a cookbook, Barefoot Contessa At Home, that is full of easy...really easy recipes that are out of this world good. Like Tomato, Mozzarella & Pesto Panini and Buttermilk Mashed Potatoes and Chocolate Cupcakes with Peanut Butter Icing.

AND, included in this gift pack is a box of Barefoot Contessa Outrageous Brownie Mix. Folks, these are the best boxed brownies my mouth has ever munched on.

If you don't like to cook, or if you're a poor soul whose taste buds do not like brownies, this would make some Momma very happy on Mother's Day.

So, play along if you'd like. Leave a memory and I'll throw your name in the hat.

I'll close comments on Friday (May 2nd) at 5pm EST. And, randomly pick and announce the winner at 8pm-ish.


  1. Hmmm memories...well, I think it was the first time that Eric and I came over your house for dinner and we ended up in your living room talking for what seemed like 20 minutes but what was really 4 or 5 hours about what God has done in our lives. Not only what he's done, but the hilarity that ensues with having babies. After that night Eric and I both were so excited to meet new friends that we could actually talk to for hours about anything. It was a blessing that night and the many nights after that we all were able to be together before your big move! Though we aren't able to see each other much anymore due to being states away, I still think and laugh often "at" you and pray for you even more. Miss you and love you!

  2. You've made me laugh MANY times, but I always love it when you leave me a comment saying that you'd like to eat at my house.

  3. Next to having dinner with you - I think one of my favorite memories would be when we realized just how small the world is and how God has put several people into both our lives!

    Having chatted for a while and then realizing how close you lived with a "special someone" and that I went to HS with your college roommate. Just that feeling of being even more connected! Makes me smile every time I think of it!

    Oh...and thoughts of whoppie pies and hamloaf! :-D

  4. Hm. It seems like I have a lot to choose from in the 2 years since we've known each other (wow...has it been that long already?!). From watching you blossom into a pro-texter :) to chasing our kiddos around the Treehouse while attempting adult conversation to finding amazing buys on the sale rack at Gap, there have been many times where I have smiled at the privelege of calling you my friend. But I think one of my favorite memories is the day that you told me that you weren't so crazy about me when we first met. I know that's a disturbing memory to be a favorite, but here's why: You don't tell someone that you didn't really care for them when you met unless that sentiment has changed and a genuine fondness has replaced it. So, it was on that day that I knew that you and I were true friends. The it-doesn't-matter-if-you-haven't-showered-and-my-house-is-a-mess-come-over-anyway kind of friends. And even though our crazy lives don't allow us to spend as much time together as we might like, I am so glad I found a friend in you. (And now I have the song from Toy Story stuck in my head. Ah, sweet motherhood.) Love you!

  5. I have several memories that I would love to comment about, but I will limit it to just one.

    My best memory EVER was coming to see you in the hospital when Lincoln was born. It was such a treat to meet your Jason and to hold your precious newborn son. That moment warmed my heart and I will cherish holding that beautiful baby for....well, at least until I have a grandbaby of my own to hold :)

    Thanks for learing how to comment on others blogs..hehe. I'm so glad the Lord brought us together (even is LA is taking the credit :)

  6. …….twirling batons, nachos at Krepp’s pool, riding bikes, playing secretary at Dad’s office, “Chase all around, Chase all around”, pink sponge rollers, Lee press-on nails, Halloween in Morgantown (your Devil costume – LOL!), “Oops, I forgot to brush my hair”, running around Grandma’s house in the rain to “get dry”, Sophie’s house, trip to Va. Beach and soap operas, your scooter at CMS tearing through the library, burnt nylon nightgown, playing on Mr. Z’s b-ball team (we rocked!!), trips to Chi-Chi’s, GLUE ROT (UGH!!!!), hours getting dressed for Breakaway, “But Jack, it’s your special, special toy”……

  7. there are a few, but the one that really stands out was only a little bit after i met you here in bloggyland.

    you wrote something short and simple about you being in the hospital while being pregnant. i thought about how scary it would be to be in that situation so i said a quick prayer for you and your little bean.

    i continued in prayer over the following few days and kept checking back for any updates. i was impressed that you didn't use your blog for a personal pity party or a vehicle for attention. to me, that spoke volumes to who you are as a person.

    i also appreciated you then emailing me personally and giving me more information on why you were in the hospital. happy 300 my friend.

  8. Oooh... which memory to choose! You're a new friend, but I feel like i already have many fond memories of blog posts and comments and DINNERS and all kinds of things.

    I can't pick a favorite.

    But it did make me laugh, after I met you the first time, that Jason asked if I had called Josh to assure him that I was still alive. That just makes me laugh.

    Also, I've loved both dinners with you - they've flown by with tons of encouraging, hilarious, real conversation.

    So thankful to have you as a friend!

  9. Since the age of 13, so lots of wonderful memories, even if you did move far far away. Ah yes, the scooter in middle that thing could move. Dirty bedroom fines, you living in my room with me for weekends on end, the YELLOW SWEAT pants....LOL! The lady we tormented at Chi-Chi's, Dave from across the street :) Our nannying excursion to North and South Carolina, thank God that car made it down there, sleeping in that nasty hotel with the bars on the windows. YOUR WEDDING and how beautiful and happy you looked, the boys all coming and God blessing you with your sweet family of boys, especially Jason! Now, after all these years, talking about our kids. We never would have thought right!?!?!?! Miss you. San

  10. I think my favorite memories are of when I first found your blog and was eager to try your recipes! Not being an avid cook, I was happy to find some great tasting recipes with great ingredients and especially ones that came with pictures! I also liked how you allowed me to participate in a gift to a good friend in need. Thanks for so many wonderful bloggy moments!

  11. Oh my to pick a favorite memory or post or fun little story.... he he he.

    Actually, there are a few things that come to mind -

    Presh and hein; the little limp hand wave at your broken down car in the parking lot of Towson.

    More currently, the day of shopping and sharing life stories over stromboli and buffalo chicken sandwiches; corraling all 6 kids through the mall with Jack and Anna looking like they've come out of a fist fight; watching the Final Four here; there are just too many to choose from.

    And as for posts, I think that one of the many that made me bust out laughing had to be "What Did Jack Do, Momma?" (11/2/07). The way you put it together just had me rolling.

    Oh Sar, I have thoroughly enjoyed building our friendship and I am so eager to continue to know you more and love your family as our own. Happy 300th post!

  12. Your 300th post - amazing! Congratulations on your accomplishment!

    Hmm, a favorite post. Truly Sarah I love them all. There are days when I am laughing out loud, days where your words challenge me as a wife, mother, and woman, days when your words bring tears to my eyes.

    I look forward to your posts daily -reading them is a highlight in my day. Thank you for sharing adventures in your life and your heart with your faithful blog readers.

  13. I’m a drop-in reader who found you (and other blogs) by jumping from the McDaris family, to Tara’s family, to yours! I’ve enjoyed reading the blogs from Tara’s, I feel like I’ve gotten to know quite a few of you.

    I really enjoyed your “Love Story” series because I love a good love story with a happy ending. And, it's so nice to hear about successful Christian relationships that show you can have good dating ethics while falling in love, you can make dating special in the way it was meant to be, keeping Christ in it, and having the marriage God meant you to have. Kind of the “happy ending” to your courtship! Not because your life is perfect, but that God gave you the life meant perfectly for you! Thanks for letting me drop in on you and your family, I’ve enjoyed “getting to know you!”

  14. Sarah, My first memories of you are at Gram and Pap's house. I was interested in just who was this girl Jason was bringing for dinner. What I loved about you was your love for my grandparents. You were so sweet to them...coming into the kitchen to hug Gram as she loaded up the many bowls of food and Pap as he sliced the roast beef. And you called them Gram and Pap, just like us. You fit right into the family. That takes me to April, 2007, when we all met at OC, MD. What a special time to honor Gram and Pap for their love for each other for 60 years! Thank you for being interested in my little Sierra, asking about the trials and worries, wondering if we would really be able to adopt her. That was a neat walk back to the hotel after our tram ride. I enjoyed watching you with your boys, playing in the pool or on the beach. I don't know if we'll all be able to get together like that again, but wouldn't it be fun!

  15. There are so many, Sar!! And I'm so glad that I can share in yours thru your's invaluable, believe me!!

    But, one that comes to my mind is our yearly OC trips (a few years in a row) with you and Jay...that was such a precious time for Em and I to spend with you guys. That leads me to that day, the day we got back from our trip and my high school, long-time boyfriend broke up with and Jay were there for me and I felt so comfortable crashing on your couch in tears, weeping over the past 3 years down the drain...haha, seems funny now that I'm married to the man of my dreams, who you've been so honest with me about and come to love, I hope!! :) haha...thanks for all the boy advice and talks! love you! xoxo and congrats on 300 posts!

  16. Congratulations on 300 posts.

    I guess my favorite Short Stop memory is this post. I think it was the first time I ever left a comment on your blog. The wisdom in that little post kept me coming back. Aren't you thrilled. :-D

  17. Do you know what is SO funny? I just came here to link you up because today I got the snickerdoodle starbucks drink. How bizarre is THAT timing??? Of all the days, and here you are doing memory day. So, there ya go. Not only was I thinking of you today as I ordered my cinnamon dolce white mocha -- but now I can add it to your special 300th post day!

    Big hugs and love. Thanks for sharing so much of your beautiful family and yourself with us. You're a gift. *smoochies*

  18. Well I love Dr. Seuss, so I will leave a memory that memorializes yours and mine connection here in blogland, with rhyme.

    I cannot recall when we first met,
    Was I eating green eggs,
    Or was I eating Ham?

    Was it Wacky Wednesday?
    Did my Cat have a Hat?
    Did the Lorax stop in?
    Was the Foot Book on the Mat?

    I cannot be for sure,
    Was I on Mulberry Street?
    Did Horton Hear the Who?
    Was the Wocket in my Pocket?

    I will never know, as the Sneeches had stars,
    then they had none, and the
    One fish, two Fish, Red fish, and Blue Fish are not talking!

    So if I will please
    with hardly a sneeze
    but with often a smile
    will tell you our link:

    You with your humor and joy
    left many a caption
    that made me chuckle and giggle
    and laugh and wiggle

    All the while swinging by Pen of Jen's worldwide-world famous Theodor Geisel-laughy wacky Caption Contest!

    Thanks for being so sweet and fun
    But now I am on the Run
    Goodbye my friend
    Until I come back again!

  19. Since I only know about you through your blog...I remember a video you posted a while back with your family in the snow. It made me smile; it looked so fun! It hasn't snowed where I live since January 1999. Thanks for the fun!

  20. I'm not very creative.....

    But my first memory of reading Short Stop included a picture of some tiny feet wearing some cute little shoes that you got at a great deal! :)

    I have thoroughly enjoyed your Blog and can't wait to read and look and laugh at 300 more!

  21. What a great idea! I've definitely had many a laugh visiting here.

    Okay, my memory is really recent. I have to say the post with the stinking peanut butter and chocolate sundae! Seriously, why did you have to post that as we are heading in to swimsuit season. I have been talking myself out of getting one every day since you posted that ;-)

  22. Sarah - congrats on 300 posts! You do have a lot to say! My favorite memory of your blog came shortly after I found you. I was reading some of your comments when I saw one by Ginger and recognized that she was "the Ginger" that I graduated with. What fun to reconnect with her! Thanks for being the instrument that made that happen. Of course there have been lots of times you made me laugh too! The one that pops into my head is the post about taking the 3 boys out for the first time after Lincoln was born. Thanks for all the laughs, but thanks for all the times you made me think too!

  23. memory isn't as good as Anna's, but here are a few:
    1. The time you told Anna's friend Allison (who was singing along with a tape and was obviously tone deaf) that she had a good voice. In case you don't remember, it was at a cheerleading party at our house on Grand Street - obviously I remember it well!! LOL!
    2. Watching you, so tiny in your leotard and fishnets, sing and dance to "New York, New York".
    3. Watching "Gallagher" together when you were in your body cast. "There's that thong!"
    4. Making a scene at the Cheesecake Factory in Beverly Hills when Anna randomly quoted this from What About Bob?: "You coming here is unbeLIEVably inappropriate!"

    I'm sure I'll think of many more as soon as I post this, but it's really late and those are some of my favorites.

    xoxo MB

  24. hmmm..where to start....the first time I knocked on your dorm room door to see if you wanted to go to dinner, running through the airport because we almost missed our flight for... spring break in Cali (serious sunburns!), Jay picking us up from the airport, introducing you to the joy of whoopie pies, my first and only cigarette, waking up in the morning snuggled in our beds and talking for hours, learning how to negotiate the sales rack at Gap, RUF leadership boot camp, you napping ALL the time before you were diagnosed with Celiac's disease (although you seem to be eating flour these days?), our shared love for all things cake, Patrick and I coming to your house for kabobs after we were both married, standing in the front of the church and watching Jay walk you down the aisle at your wedding, seeing you at Lauren and Phil's after not seeing you for a long time and YOU with short, blonde hair!!!, you leaving the first comment on my blog and being a faithful visitor and encourager ever since....

    And those are just off the top of my head! Okay, now I REALLY miss you. Happy 300th post! Looking forward to many, many more. Love you!