Wednesday, July 9, 2008


July 3rd. You know, the night you go and see fireworks, right?

Well, we had, among other things, a beach day planned for the 4th, and there was no way two little boys, a baby, and a Mommy and Daddy who had been beaching with them all day could possibly handle fireworks after that. Especially at 10pm.

SO, we went to the fireworks show in our new township that was oh-so-perfectly planned for the 3rd. High five to the wise 4th-of-July-committee-person who must have been doing something equally fun and draining with her brood of babes on the 4th, and planned fireworks a night early.

We went with the Schmike's and their three girls. We carried our beach chairs and gear to a very, very large spot on the grass that was perfect for our two families of five.

Max was so proud that he could carry his own backpack chair.

The kiddos.

And, we had no idea this would be starting so soon. And, in the dark!


"I hear somefin'."

(And, then he freaked. Totally wigged out. The noises scared him to death. After some technical explanations that the fireworks were crashing just like his cars and trucks and it was really quite fun, he calmed down and had a ball the rest of the time.)


Snugglin' w/ Daddy.

"Look, it's a green one!"

"That was SO cool!"


Lincoln and I watched and played together. I am in love this little guy.

The excitement coming from the back row of our van as we drove home was uncontainable. They loved it. We will never forget their faces. We will never forget how we felt watching them.

As if that wasn't enough fun for one weekend, we woke up the next day and headed out to our community parade and fair. And, the boys had their first bag of cotton candy...

More tomorrow...


  1. So cute. They are getting soooo big. Lincoln looks so sweet. Miss you. San

  2. You know what? I would have freaked out too. Fireworks scare the $#@! out of me.

    btw ... cute kid chairs! Where'd you find them?

  3. holy cow - what a fun-packed weekend! G-R-E-A-T pictures of the kids experiencing the fun of fireworks. and OH how cute Lincoln is!

  4. OH man... those kids are so cute. The backpack chairs... The "girlfriends"... The look of sheer joy and amazement on their faces when they saw the bursts... And Mr. Lincoln in his own chair...

    Can you believe that that was just ONE day of summer? OH, what a great season!

    Have fun!

  5. Oh that night was so fun. So glad we could share it with you all!

  6. Great recap! What a great night! We missed all the holiday stuff this year other than a little grill-out with some family. Too much going on over here.

    Loved the photos. Lincoln is a heart stealer!

  7. What a fun look at the evening! That Max is a charmer!

    And Sarah, your hair is gorgeous!

  8. Did JM really type that? ;-)

    Our gang isn't so fond of the noises either. Colin was our only child that enjoyed them...oh well! We figure they'll outgrow it sometime...or maybe not - since JM shared! heehee

    I know I say it pratically every time, BUT, your kiddos are so cute and I love your photos!!!

  9. what great pictures of such adorable kids. i love their faces and can imagine their amazement while watching the fireworks.

    glad you had such a nice 3rd =)

  10. Was that too much honesty here on your little ol' blog?

  11. GREAT pictures! Looks like you all had a blast... I think watching the fireworks through the eyes of our children is the best way to watch them. Glad you all are doing so well. I thought Jack looked so much like Jason in one of those pictures.

  12. You get such great shots of your kids Sarah. You capture not only their cuteness, which would be impossible to miss!!! But you catch the emotion and that is a wonderful thing. I much better to break up the fun into multiple days.

  13. We used to go on the 3rd up until a couple of years ago too. :) I guess the only downside was that the kids were all overtired and cranky on the 4th.

    Love your pictures - it looks like everyone enjoyed the show! :)

  14. I love these pictures - especially the one of Jason and the boys! I think you watched them more than the fireworks!

  15. Awww, what sweet memories, you guys! Awesome pics...felt like I was right there with wished we could've :) I love living the thrill thru their and dad did a good job of getting us excited which is why I still feel the same way about 4th of July fireworks as I did when I was a kid!!

    We watched 'em at Antietam this year...thought of you, knowing that you would've "loved" to be there :) lol

  16. LOVE LOVE LOVE all the pictures! the one of max mouth open staring into the sky - priceless.

    i want to know where you found those chairs - they are perfect.

    can't wait to hear more about the festivities but i have to keep the cotton candy a secret from landon. he has been begging to try it since we were in ca on vacation - he wants that blue puffy stuff.

  17. i LOVED your story with pictures. beautiful!

  18. Oh Sarah! You really captured that childlike wonder in your pictures. What a wonderful experience for all of you. Can I kiss Lincoln's sweet little cheek too?!?!

  19. Cute pix of the kiddos, as always! :) But I feel compelled to comment on your shiny hair.


  20. Oh, and jeans and long sleeves?? I am so jealous! You are living the dream.

  21. Looks like SO much fun, Sarah!! And I have to say CONGRATULATIONS on your house!! Looks like I've missed a lot. SOOO happy for you over here!

  22. Um, where did you get those chairs. Super cool. Loved the picture post. Those kiddos are cute!

  23. so cool; love seeing them all excited. 4th of July is my favorite.

  24. your little cherubs are soo precious! great pics, I soo want to pinch those little cheeks of Max's!