Monday, July 7, 2008

I Often Wonder...

...what he's thinking.

...why his heart is so tender.

...when he'll first look in the mirror; and not like what he sees.

...where he'll go to college.

...who he'll give his heart to. I'll ever show him how much I love him.


  1. If that were my little boy, I'd be cradling that little face in my hands and smothering it with kisses! He is scrumptious!

    I'm reading a good book that you may be interested in. I hope I didn't already mention this before. It's called "Preparing him for the other woman- a mothers guide to raising her son to love a wife and lead a family". I haven't finished it yet, but so far it is very good, all boys' moms should have read this book in my opinion!

  2. Aww so cute!

    I think he's thinking "Why is she taking another picture?" heehee

  3. From a mom who just moved her second child 200 miles away I can only say that these questions never leave. I still wonder where life is taking her and praying the future will be as good to her as the past.

  4. love love love that photo!

    what a blessed boy to have you as a momma!

  5. I wonder all of those same things. And Max, if you ever get tired of him (which I know you could never do) can most certainly come to live with me. He's precious!

  6. Me too, SS. *sniff* Me too.

    Love the photo.

  7. gosh... i just love those cheeks.

    i agree with ginger; you'll always have such wonderings. and i think more so with boys because they aren't so vocal with their thoughts and feelings.

    so, do you have your computer connection up?

  8. That is just the cutest picture. I know what you mean with those questions.

  9. This post hit home. It is obvious you love your little guys. Me too. I am trying hard to savor every moment!

  10. Awww, Max. That little boy is so darn sweet.

    So, I was in Target today and saw the back to school stuff too. I totally choked up because it's starting. It's totally starting.

    This, of course, brought all that back... :)

  11. Oh, so sweet Sarah. Don't you just wish we knew what these little minds are thinking??!!

  12. Aw, Max!! I just love that little boy so much...I love praying for the little hearts of my nephews and neice...I KNOW that he's growing up to be a wonderful man...hard to imagine him as a grown-up!! Can I pinch his cheeks and kiss all over him even when he's older?? haha...don't think he'll like that much. Miss you guys so much!! Glad you could get away to the beach :) Love ya!

  13. God has given him a great start with God-fearing, loving parents who can steer him in the right direction. Those little cheeks really are just too sweet...

  14. What a gorgeous shot! You have such a skill for taking pics!
    THe one I often wonder about it:
    ...who he'll give his heart to.
    I often find myself praying for that significant other that my children will marry one day (that they will have a heart after GOD!)
    email me some pics of your house!

  15. Oh look at that sweet photo... What a serious look on his face! I wonder about some of these same questions with my kids too. :)

  16. It's too early to be thinking about all that!

    That Max is a cutie-----I was really leaning towards naming "Baby M" Max b/c your little boy is so darn cute!

    Great photo.