Thursday, July 10, 2008

Our Family Fourth

We woke up to a beautifully sunny day on the fourth. We were meeting our friends for a beach day later that afternoon. But, we knew that a festival was planned not far from our house, and wanted to take the boys before heading to the beach.

We are SO glad that we went. There was more than we could take in during the hour and a half we had to spend there, but we had so much family fun together.

We started out watching a parade. There is nothing like watching little children (and their Daddy) at a parade.

After the parade, we headed to an area with a little petting zoo. I think Max is going to be our animal-loving boy.

And, then they spotted it. An elephant. We could have done an elephant ride, but the line was so long that it would have been all we could do. The boys couldn't stop staring at it.

We headed to a ginormous blow up slide. Jack was fearless. He climbed right up and immediately slid down. He was totally confused that he couldn't just keep going on it without waiting in line all over, again. Let's just say we're not ready for the likes of Disney World yet!

Before we left, we saw a stand selling cotton candy, and well...we just had to see what they thought of it.

Max didn't really get it. He only ate one bite, put it aside, and then never said another word. But, he's our neat freak, and I think he thought it was just too messy.

Jack. He LOVED it. He kept saying things like, "Is this fuzzy?" and "It's dery, dery fluffy."

We got some great pictures of our afternoon at the beach, but since the boys did what they always do, you can view how we "beach" here. And, of course, a little bit of us embarrassing ourselves. It was a great afternoon, a wonderful day, and just a marvelous weekend of celebrating our freedom.

We filled a weekend with activity, but these memories are worth more to us than anything. We hope that as we celebrate holidays together, that we instill in our children a deep belief that collecting memories and sharing in one another's lives are the gifts that truly last a lifetime.


  1. Simply adorable :) I love that Jack is so totally different from Max...he doesn't mind getting dirty at all! haha...I could learn a bit from him cuz just the other day while camping I was thinking, what happened to the days when I didn't care if I got muddy/dirty/wet cuz I was complaining about camping in the him! Give him a big kiss from Aunt Rach...or maybe just a hug will do :) I know how he hates sitting still...xoxo

  2. Oh, Sar - what great pictures of the boys. I do love how you catch their wonder in your photos. And I love that last paragraph you wrote. That's our goal as well.

  3. Great pictures for a great day.
    That cotton candy - my youngest always called it fuzzies in a bag!

  4. Since having kids, the 4th has gone up in my list as one of my favorite family holidays. Nothing can top Easter and Christmas, especially given their significance in how I live each day, but the 4th of July is just so fun.. the parades... the cook outs... the fire works... the red, white and blue outfits... Love it, love it, love it!! I don't remember loving it this much before them.

    So glad you and your boys had such a wonderful weekend. That festival looks awesome... sounds like you live in a GREAT area!!

  5. Phew! No fireworks.


    All kidding aside ... Those cotton candy shots are fabulous.

  6. Those cotton candy pics are so cute. I love hearing about the differences between Max and Jack. I wonder what Lincoln will be like.

  7. looks and sounds like all of you had a wonderful day. i would have loved to watch the boys and their cotton candy.

    i just have one question: at the beach, did you see any seacocks? =D

  8. "We hope that as we celebrate holidays together, that we instill in our children a deep belief that collecting memories and sharing in one another's lives are the gifts that truly last a lifetime."

    Well said, Sarah. That is my hope and dream, too.

  9. "It's dery, dery fluffy."

    Love that.

  10. beautiful photos Sarah!

    what fun family day. you said it all in your last paragraph!

    landon walked by when i was looking at this post and his comment was "hey those guys are eating cotton." yep, drool running down his chin and envy in his eyes

  11. looks like you guys had such a great weekend; love the old fashioned small town celebrations. The boys are going to love looking back and remembering all of these fun things each year. the cotton candy pics are adorable. Max is so funny. have a good day!

  12. Your memories truly last a L-O-N-G lifetime. I can attest to that.

  13. So you mean I didn't have to go all the way to Thailand to ride an elephant?

    Love the pics!