Thursday, July 31, 2008

A Weekend Away: Chicago

This past weekend, Jason and I left Jack and Max in the loving care of their Grandmother, and snuck off to Chicago with Lincoln. We planned our little getaway on a spontaneous whim and happily filled weekend bags with as little as possible and jumped in the car.

We did what we rarely get to do. We sat on outside benches and stole kisses between sips of white mochas and lattes. We held hands and talked quietly and laughed about nothing. It was simply lovely.

We dawdled over a long dinner at The Cheesecake Factory with our good friends, Dan and Emily, who live in Chicago. (We miss you guys!) We stayed up late and slept in until late morning. We laughed and reminisced and retold stories we've told too many times to count.

I think I fell in love with Jason all over again.

And, for the first time since those early days in the hospital, we got to baby our Lincoln without the chaos created by our fun-loving Jack and Max. We snuggled up with him, watched his every move, and pretended that we were first-time parents to our third-born gift from God.

We shopped for the first couple of days; 'cause y'all, Jason knows the way to my heart. It's spelled I-K-E-A. There are a few alternate spellings as well.


A-N-N T-A-Y-L-O-R L-O-F-T.

You get the idea.

We drove up to Schaumburg - shopping paradise. I attempted a self-photo of me and Lincoln in a dressing room...

YIKES. I have yet to take one single self-portrait of me and anyone with my trusty little point and click that hasn't turned out with the other person having one eye. Is there some secret to it, 'cause I see some of you peeps take great ones and I just can't figure it out?

Anyway, I quickly nixed that idea and snapped a couple of our little power-shopper. Alone. He was SO good...he didn't fuss or cry during any of our shopping trips. I promised him an ice cream cone as a reward...when he's ready.

See this shirt....

Can I just say A BIG THANKS to the Gap designer who designed this top. Oh, to find a shirt/cardigan thingy that hides a multitude of issues. If this is a sign of things to come, I will continue eating cheesecake every weekend and buy one in every color. No, I didn't buy it. It was full price. And, this bargain-hunting girl does not do full price. EVER.

On our last day, we went downtown and spent the afternoon at Navy Pier. It was SO fun...for those of you in MD, it's kind of like a mini-version of the boardwalk in O.C....only minus the mullets, tattoos, and trashy t-shirts.

The views of the Chicago skyline are gorgeous. So, are my boys. (Lincoln was totally harassed by the sun in his eyes - as witnessed in this first picture. He got a baptism-by-fire intro to the life of a child whose Mommy LOVES her matter what the conditions.)

Me and my littlest boy.

I think we wore Lincoln out. Our little sweetheart fell asleep on our way to the car and slept the whole way home.

We are so thankful that we got some time away together. Living 700 miles from any family makes it hard for us to get date nights together; a whole weekend was a beautifully rich slice of heaven. So was the cheesecake, y'all.


  1. I am jealous! What a fun getaway. I just love that last picture of Lincoln - I want to kiss those little cheeks!

  2. Sooo fun! Really! I'm impressed! Chicago is so fun but I haven't been in so long.

    BTW, i'm not good at much, but I AM good at self portraits. seriously, that's about it. and estimating time.

    But if we ever hung out, i'd take a great self portrait. =)

  3. Oh, Sar-- It was hard to say goodbye to y'all. Next time stay at our place so you can stay up til the wee hours.

    Your shopping experience sounded heavenly. So heavenly. Shopping with no disruptions... Ahhhhhh.

    And your description of Navy Pier is so hilarious. Your a trip, girl.

    My, my, my. Lincoln just melted our hearts. You know that, right? What a sweetheart.

  4. Comment 2: You should totally buy that shirt. If you loved it THAT much, you'd have it ten years. C'mon. :)

    Totally cute about you and J holding hands and kissing. So there is romance after children... :)

    Did I mention that Lincoln melted my heart?

  5. I <3 Chicago -- and the Cheesecake Factory.

    What a wonderful getaway. All my hubby and I did on our honeymoon was talk politics without worrying about Just Son being within earshot. LOL.

  6. Ok, so seriously? Where are you hiding these mochas, lattes and cheesecakes on that little body of yours? UGH and here I am freakin' walking every single morning...Oh, looks like a fun time... ;-D

  7. I meant "anniversary," of course.

    Come to think of it, we did talk politics on our honeymoon.

  8. What a wonderful getaway! You look like you've never eaten cheesecake in your life, Sarah!

  9. Yay!!! I'm so glad that you guys got to have a great weekend away. The pics of Lincoln are melt-your-heart adorable. You and Jason are cute too, of course. But I'm afraid Lincoln steals the show. He looks SO much like Max when we first met you. Ah...sweet reminiscence (is that a word? whatever, I just made it one.). Love you!

  10. LOOOOOOOVED this post. OOOH I loved it. And it looks like you guys had an absolutely fantastic time. Good for you.

  11. Oh that sounds like such a fun trip! I wish I could convince Ron that Chicago is actually a fun place to go - he has a phobia against any city bigger than GR. Sigh.

    Love the pictures of your littlest guy! :)

  12. so awesome Sarah! glad you guys got to get away. Lincoln is sooo cute. can you tell them all to stop growing.

  13. I love how you wrote about this - sounds even more heavenly than you described in person! :) Makes me SO excited for the trip we're planning later in the year.

  14. So glad you got some time away with your husband. Sounds like it was such a sweet time. And that Lincoln--oh my! What a CUTIE!! Have a great weekend!

  15. I am glad that you guys had such a wonderful weekend away... it is so good to have that time of rekindling. And how special to have some individual time with your littlest man... hard to come by with 2 older siblings. You got some awesome pictures! We really want to go to Chicago the pizza as good as the reputation?

  16. Sounds like a cool and romantic weekend. Every now and then you just have to get away. The unplanned ones are the best- Lucky you! You are a doll.

  17. Oh, I love little get aways! And to have time with your hubby & little one..precious. I've never been to Chicago, but after hearing you & Jenni talk about it, we might have to visit sometime...and can I just say that for just having a baby not too long ago..YOU LOOK AWESOME!! Happy Friday Friend!

  18. Oh, Sar! I loved the pics...that skinny, little man is just growing up too fast! I love his little lips and his long eyelashes...sigh, can you tell I miss you guys? Well, your trip sounded awesome! Does Jay have new glasses; he's prolly had 'em forever...he's looking mighty handsome! haha...I like his scruff (or is that a month's worth of growth...zing! j/k!). Well, Thanksgiving is coming closer...trying not to wish the summer away but I miss you guys! Love you much!

    P.S. you look gorgeous, as always!!

  19. Ooohh...this trip sounds like heaven!! I would LOVE to get away for a weekend to Chicago. It's not that far from us either, and there's so much to do there. That's on our list (along with Traverse City...gotta go there too!)

    So glad that you were able to fall in love with your honey all over again, and have some baby time with your littlest man!, girl! You look GREAT!! Not just for having 3 kids, but in look great!

  20. Hey Sarah! Sorry I have been so MIA, but I think I'm back in the saddle now! I'm so glad you were able to get away. Those times are just the best to rejuvenate. I went to Schaumburg last fall and you are so right about the shopping! Love that last pic...too cute!

  21. Oh, Sarah, this post is just great! Such fun pictures of you and your men. I agree with the look awesome! Seriously, *3* pregnancies later....geesh!

    It helps when you take self portraits if your arms are longer than those built for someone who is 4' 11 3/4"


    Being apart from Patrick for 5 weeks makes me giddy with excitement to see him again....isn't it great to really LOVE your husband?!?

  22. ooooops! I left my comment for THIS post under the IKEA post. GO read it!
    ANyways, guess i will coment about the ikea post here:
    Ummmmm, (thinking of something cool to say)ummmmmmm....yeah.....ummm...still thinking...(scratching head)...
    no comment!
    But back to this post: I am so glad that you got to get away and fall in love precious!

  23. Sarah, the pictures are ADORABLE. What a sweet little boy you have.

  24. he is sooooo cute. i don't think he can take a bad picture. glad you, jason, and lincoln had such a nice weekend.

  25. Sounds like an amazing time. Ikea is just a stones throw from our kids apartment. Maybe sometime soon Dave and I will get a bit of time away together and enjoy Chicago like you two (3) did.

  26. Oh yeah, Lincoln is still as beautiful as the first time I saw him.

  27. First of all, you look marvelous!

    What a fun fun weekend away. I just love Chicago!

    Lincoln is getting so big and what a handsome little man he is :o)

    So glad you got time with your hubby.

    BTW, I am so not good at self portraits either!