Wednesday, August 27, 2008

An Empty Sink

I have laziness issues.

I was going to write, "I am lazy", which does ring true on so many embarrassing levels, but saying that and leaving no room for potential non-laziness in my life smacks of pride in a "Oh, but my humility more than makes up for my laziness" kind of way. Ick.

I can't be totally lazy anyway because I've managed to keep three children alive for the almost four years that they've been entrusted to my care; and well, some days just keeping them alive is more work than 45 minutes on a StairMaster. With a broken leg.

But, alas, I'm not organized and I don't make my bed and I'm always behind on the laundry and my kitchen sink is almost always full of dishes.

But today, my kitchen sink is empty. It's beautiful and sparkly and white and I cleaned it myself.

That may seem like small beans to someone whose sink never sits full of dirty dishes.

But, it represents victory to me.

It's God's victory. It's His prodding and nudging and teaching that keeps me washing and drying and loading and unloading when I'd rather curl up in a ball and cry at the overwhelming mess.

I'm grateful that God loves me even though I have a laundry room full of dirty clothes, and fuzzies above my kitchen cabinets, and a messy bed. I'm grateful that He doesn't waffle like I do; wanting to spend time with me one day, and pushing me aside the next.

He loves me as I am. But, He won't let me stay the same.

Today, my empty sink is a beautiful and precious reminder to me of God's relentless, never changing, but always changing me, love.


  1. As usual, Sarah, you see amazing things in the everyday. Can I be at your book signing? *wink*

  2. That was beautiful - as beautiful as that empty, shiny sink! :)

  3. Beautiful!

    He loves me as I am. But, He won't let me stay the same.

    I think that's important to note.

  4. Just talking with a friend today about how God loves us for who he created us to be. He really doesn't care about our laundry or our sinks (unless we are being really bad stewards of our time, but having three little ones counts as a busy mom), but he cares about the condition of our hearts.

    You, my friend, have a heart bigger than your stature. Thanks for sharing a good word for all of us!

  5. this was excellent, sarah.

    as i'm sure is evident by reading my blog, i also struggle with laziness - in particular with housekeeping.

    i love it that you can see God's blessing and work in your life in something as simple as a clean, empty sink.

    your last line in particular was dynamite. "never changing, but always changing me" - so, so true.

  6. Yes ma'am. I hear you. I feel it. I do it. I struggle with it. I'm working on it ;-)

    Please remember that you are in a busy stage right now, too (or at least your kids are). It will get better!

  7. Umm, you're a mom of 3 B-o-y-s. You cannot be lazy! Nuff said.

  8. Oh, how I struggle with this, too! Your post was such an encouraging reminder of God's love and faithfulness. I really needed that today!

  9. 20 years from now, your boys will not remember the state of your home at this moment, but they will remember all of the time you spend with them and the amazing impact of your creativity and wisdom.

    Love you.

    congrats on the clean sink. :o)

  10. I love how you can take the every day and see God's teaching in it. It did make me think, though, isn't it amazing how much mothers can feel guilty about? Our kids are safe and being raised in the knowledge of the gospel, yet we're worried about the carpet being clean or the laundry being done, etc. And you're totally right - God loves us even if our "to-do" list isn't even close to be touched, let alone completed.

    The other thing I keep thinking of is Mary and Martha. He would so much rather we pay attention to Him than do the dishes. YAY! This is especially important to me as I look at my kitchen sink full of breakfast dishes. LOL.

    Love this post Sarah - thank you for being so open.

  11. woop woop--I love a clean sink--and even more so when it's a reliance on God's grace :)

    by the way, that last sentence is totally stolen from the Jesus Storybook Bible and you know it. :) Love you!

  12. i think it all boils down to balance. i also thought of the mary/martha focus. i wouldn't want to throw martha under a bus. there should be a reason why we try to keep our homes clean. happiness and safety are the first to come to mind.

    but it's how we spend our time that's important. your time right now is for those three little boys plus your big one ;) they are obviously a priority and i think that's the way it should be. mary knew her priorities. we all should know our priorities.

  13. Yeah on the clean sink...I hear ya, and feel the same. Enjoy the sink...snack time is probably just around the corner! Actually, just enjoy those boys!

  14. you have taken the ordinary and made it extraordinary! this is a great post. want to do my dishes??