Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Grilled Pizza

We LOVE our grill. And, one of our favorite things to grill in the summer is pizza.

That's right. PIZZA!

Not only does it turn out delicious every. single. time., but the process is a blast. So, when we invited our good friends Adam and Erika to our house for a date night on Friday night, we knew we could only have one thing for dinner...

Grilled Pizza.

So, I'm gonna share how we grill 'em up here at our house, and let you run with your own imagination. Try it sometime, y'all. Even the kids will love it!

I know this is a bit Martha Stewart-ish sounding, but I usually make my own dough. I really enjoy making it. I use the recipe found here, but it's certainly not necessary to make your own dough to have a great pizza.

*I have heard that most local pizza shops will sell you balls of their pizza dough for a couple of dollars. So, if you have a favorite pizza place, you can ask them if they'll sell you their dough to bring home. Otherwise, you can purchase it at the grocery store. I recommend the frozen dough you find near the frozen rolls vs. the refrigerated kind in a tube. It just tastes so much better.


Heat grill to the lowest setting.

Roll pizza dough out into approximately 8 inch rounds. Brush with olive oil. Place dough directly onto grill and cook for approximately 8-10 minutes, or until slightly golden on underside. Flip over dough to begin grilling other side.

The grilled side is now ready for toppings. Top with sauce, cheese, and whatever toppings you choose.

Here are the toppings we used on Friday night:

*We have used many, many different toppings over the years, and your pizza is really only limited by your creativity and liking, but here are some of our favorite toppings:

mozzarella cheese
ricotta cheese (for white pizza)
parmesan cheese
red onion
grilled chicken
marinara sauce
alfredo sauce
green pepper
roasted garlic
crushed red pepper
Italian Seasoning
sesame seeds (for crust)

Here are two of our pizzas from Friday night, after we had finished topping them. We each did a half/half pizza. I did a barbeque chicken type pizza on one side, and an alfredo on the other. Erika used artichokes, tomatoes, pepperoni and alfredo and created one amazing pizza.



After all of the toppings are on the pizza, close the grill cover and cook for approximately 15 minutes, or until cheese is melted and the bottom crust is golden.

Here are our finished pizzas:

They were delicious! And, Jason and Adam made equally delicious ones. Well, maybe ours were better, but we'd never tell them that.

We finished off the night with ice cream sandwiches made with vanilla ice cream and Mom's Chocolate Chip Cookies.

I hope you'll try these sometime. It's so much fun, and such a great way to spend time with friends and family.


  1. I want to try this soon. Do you have plans Friday night? Wanna come over?


  2. SO much fun - and they look delicious! I think we are going to try those this weekend :o) Thanks so much for sharing and I have been in need of a new dough recipe - can't wait to try that out too!

  3. Those look amazing! I would have never thought to make pizza on the grill!

  4. this just TOTALLY makes our take out pizza that we had for dinner tonight look pitifully LAME. next time i'm just asking for the ball of dough and get martha stewartish like you!! who knew you could grill pizza...brilliant!

  5. Wow, that looks really mouth watering. We tried that once with a frozen pizza (it was days after I got married and didn't have a stove to work with), but it turned out awful. This looks like it would really work. Yummm. I will definitely have to try it. Thanks.

  6. Those pizzas look awesome, Sar! Looks like you had the wonderful night you anticipated on Friday. Glad to hear the weekend went so well!

  7. Those look awesome! I def want to try that out! I make my own dough in my bread machine. Only down side is it takes 1.5 hrs to make, but it is delicious! I can't wait to try grilling them! Another plus is it keeps your house from heating up in the summer! Thanks for sharing!

  8. these look to die for, sarah! mmm...

  9. we love grilling pizza too. yummy stuff. looks like you guys had fun.

  10. mmm, never grilled pizza before but maybe I'll give it a try after seeing yours. You ARE a little Martha Stewart you know. I get my dough balls from the grocery store, I'm too lazy to make them.

  11. I have heard that pizza on the grill is amazing, but have never tried it. Maybe this will give me the push to do it!

  12. I love making pizza at home... actually trader joes sells pizza dough (a ball just enough for one pizza) for 99 cents... either that or wholefoods sells it for 2.99...

    it's funny cause my friends tried to grill pizza the other day, however for some reason decided to use a baking stone instead of just putting it on the grill... hmmm... if I only had a grill... ;)

  13. Oh yummy and sounds like fun - I'll give it a try!

  14. i never would have thought of grilling pizza dough. wouldn't have even thought it would work. but if you say it does, i believe you and will give it a try. thanks.

    they do look yummy.

  15. Oh my land. I have always been intimated by the sound of grilled pizza. Somehow putting raw dough on the slats seemed like it would make a gooey mess.

    But now... now I can be brave b/c my friend Sarah showed me the way!

    You are inspiring and amazing. SMOOCH

  16. We had so much fun!!! Thanks again for a wonderful night of great food and gut-splitting laughter...as promised. We love you guys! Oh, and PS...Adam and I both dies laughing reading about Jason's Lessons of Life for Jack.

  17. Died...not dies. I hate when I do that.

  18. I heard somewhere that we are having pizza's at mommaroars on Friday...woohoo!

    Seriously, I think we will have to try this with our kids on Monday. They are coming for a visit.

  19. Those look amazing! What fun to do with kids. They could each make their own.

  20. ok, made this last night. Did not look as neat or yummy as yours, and it did not taste like pizza other than the sauce and cheese. What did I do wrong?!!

  21. Monica,

    If you want to email me at the address on my sidebar, I'll try to help! :)