Monday, August 25, 2008

In Which Jason Teaches Jack The Ways Of Life

Our house. This a.m.

Jack: Did Daddy go to work?

Mommy: Yep.

Jack: Ohhhh, man.

Mommy: Why does Daddy go to work?

Jack: So we don't get throw'd in the street.

Aaaaaannnd, that about sums it up.


  1. yay for jason!! =)

    did that come out of the blue or had something been said before in reference to that?

  2. awesome.

    that is why i work, too, jack.

  3. From the mouth of babes....
    How can kids be so smart?

  4. :) I like that!

    So what does Jack think on the days that Jason doesn't go to work... ;)

  5. That is flipping hilarious. I can just imagine your!

  6. you can't get much past that boy! too funny :o)

  7. I love how Jack's mind works! LOL!!!!

  8. I loved this one and shared it with my hubby before he left for work this morning.

    When my son was younger and we had been discussing how Daddy goes to work to take care of us, he was quite concerned come Saturday when we said Daddy wasn't going to work that day. His response, "But what will happen when we go to the store and give them our credit card? Will they let us buy food?" We explained the wonderful concept of days off.

    :-) Jack sure is a cutie!!