Thursday, August 21, 2008

That's Not My

(Originally published September 21, 2007)

I was reading to Jack and Max this morning one of their favorite books: "That's Not My Truck". It's a colorful, touch and feel book, and each page shows a different truck with a different characteristic. "That's not my truck. It's tank is too shiny; hubcaps are too rough; mixer is too bumpy, etc".

I often read to them half distracted, trying make my typically tired self sound animated and excited with each word, as if I have no idea what's coming next! (Isn't it completely adorable how children who have been read a book 100 times still view each page with such wonder?) But, today...these words jumped right off of the cardboard page and landed right on my heart.

How often do I look at things that aren't mine, and want...really want them? How often do I have to remind myself to be content? How often does my heart say, "You'd be happier if you had that body, that house, that minivan?" Or more accurately, her body, her house, her minivan?

And, then I start comparing. "She's too tall." "Her house is too big." "Her minivan isn't the right color." What starts as envy, slowly turns to pride, which then leads to discontentment, followed by guilt. It feels TERRIBLE!

This little book ends with these words: "That's my truck! It's tipper is so ridgy!"

What struck me as I turned the last page and closed this book is that God has indeed given me this "truck" with this "tipper" and it is marvelously "ridgy!" His blessings on us are everywhere...all over our home, in the blue and brown eyes of our boys, in our marriage, in our garage, in the precious life growing inside of me. His gracious touch on our lives has filled our "tipper" with moments of forgiveness, compassion, sacrifice and love. (And, many, many loads of laundry!)

I know that this will be a lifelong struggle. But, even as I read a simple book to my children, I am thankful that God is working on me; gently teaching me to look at my life and say, "That's MY truck!"


  1. Isn't it amazing how the simplest things really knock us upside the head somedays? What you wrote is so true, and so well said! Thanks for the reminder.

    PS - I gave you "The Smile Award" on my blog today!

  2. Wow, this is one of your best ever! I sure needed the reminder. You always find a way to touch my heart.

    By the way, I flipped when I read about the life growing inside. I sure wish I had known this was previously posted before I read that, LOL

  3. Oh, its so easy to get caught up in that. This is such an awesome post, SS! And such a much needed reminder for me!

    And, I must say I'm thankful Ginger got here before me 'cause I was flipping ... you see, as soon as I read it, I skipped the rest - LOL!

    Could you please prepare us simple folk by putting those "originally published" notes at the beginning? :)

  4. HAHAHAHA! Ginger and two crack me up!

    Moving the publishy thing to the top. Lest rumors start spreading like wildfire...

  5. :) So let's get this clear you aren't having another kid... ;) I will agree with everyone else at having a brief pause at that statement.
    Though I do enjoy how you learn such important lesson from your boys.
    ps... there is a country song entitled "that aint my truck" and I think that was the first thing I thought of when I read your title

  6. Maybe make it bold yet, perhaps?


    the simple folk

  7. YAY! i love new bloggy friends. and this post was absolutely beautiful. so very, very true and a great reminder. i've gotten back into contact w/ an old classmate recently. she is gorgeous, "well endowed", travels everywhere, skinny body. and i've had to battle long and hard at why in the world i would want her life. especially cuz it would mean i wouldn't have mine. so thank you for a great post today!

    btw...dumb and dumber, variety of music, loving life as a mom to boys, plus the next post with decadent are a kindred spirit indeed!

    glad to meet ya!

  8. Oh yes, we are to be content and besides we never REALLY know what is truly going on behind anothers door. I'm glad for MY truck, too!

  9. Great post... you really do have a gift with your writing Sarah...def worth the reposting, even if it did makes us all stop and wonder about that life growing inside you. I read it after your note was at the top and yet still had to remind myself, "oh, I bet she means Lincoln." Yet part of me thought...hmmm, maybe she chose to repost it as her clever way of sharing some news?!?!:-)

  10. Great post! I read the disclaimer at the top so didn't get too excited when I read the sentence on life growing inside.
    I love how you see God in everyday things, like a kids book - thanks for passing it on to us

  11. i read this earlier today and am now getting back to comment. I flipped and thought you were breaking the news of a new little short until i got to the bottom. glad you moved the disclaimer to the top :o)

    i loved this post Sarah - so so true!

  12. This is very true, i agree.

    on a funny note, wouldn't that be a great name for a reality show...
    that's not my truck... i don't know. =)

    its late. i'm tired.

  13. Thanks for this reminder Sarah. I know that sometimes I use the phrase "To each his own" in a humorous way when someone does something I wouldn't necessarily decide to do. Wouldn't it be great if I turned that phrase around and applied that same attitude to the blessings God gives each day? They are *my* blessings and I ought to be satisfied with them each and every day. Anyway, I know that's a little random. But, all this to say that I loved this post the first time and still love it today.