Thursday, September 4, 2008

And, This Is Why They Pay Me The Big Bucks

I was a Political Science major in college.

And, I graduated with a degree in said major.

But, this blog has little to do with that.

Except that I learned how to properly spell "amendment". I misspelled it in a traumatic final round of my 4th grade spelling bee. One "m" in amend. Not two. Sigh.

And well, everyone knows that being a Mommy blogger requires use of the word amendment on a regular basis. So, my education has served me well here in bloggyland.

But, today, I thought I'd put on my moth ball infested Uncle Sam hat and share an educated commentary on Sarah Palin's speech last night.

Are you ready?

Here it is:

Dang, y'all. Her hair was fab.

So was her speech.

The end.


  1. **clapping**

    Well done you awesome mommy blogger!

    I too loved her hair and her speech! YAY!!!!

  2. She was good, wasn't she? Oh, and I'm so impressed by your spelling as well. Good job!

  3. your blog often brightens my day - and today is definitely one of them :o)

    thanks for the smile this morning! great speech - fabulous hair, she needs to wear it like that more often!

  4. That's exactly what I blogged about today too!! I love her!

  5. Hi Sarah, I read your blog often from the other side of the world and have commented before. Gotta agree with you that Palin's speech was great. I have nothing at stake in the US elections but I thouroughly (don't know if that's spelt correctly!!)enjoyed her speech too!

  6. Hi Sarah, I got your blog from Erika, and I have met you a few times. I am Jacob's wife Linda. And Yes, I thought the speech was one of the best yet, and I think she is BEAUTIFUL! And hurrah for moms! I like Rudy had to say about her, too. The end

  7. Very well said- she is awesome!

  8. And you STILL can make me laugh, even being so far away. She has some great hair doesn't she??? And she gave birth how long ago again??? Can's wait for the debate, she can speak.

  9. I just had lunch with LA..mmm hmmm...there'll be a post soon. She mentioned you had a cute post today about Palin's speech, so I rushed home to my trusty computer. I love your political commentary. Get to the point without being too wordy. ;o)

    We were watching it, and I kept saying to my mom, "She's just adorable!" I really didn't know anything about her prior to this speech, and you just gotta love her.

  10. ROFL

    Because it's all about the hair.


  11. Sarah, you crack me up.. Love your blogs.. and yes I agree.. she was FAB!!!

  12. You are so politically savvy. That about sums it up!

  13. She did have a great speech - and great hair too! Of course, with a name like Sarah, she's got to be good!

  14. Oh, Sar... you got the smarts and the beauts.

    But she did a stunning job, you're right.

  15. LOL. Oh Sarah you make me laugh. Saw about 5 minutes of the speech and she was good from what I saw. I need to spend some time on and catch up on the world at large. You know. In all my spare time. LOL.