Friday, September 12, 2008

His First Day Was A Smashing Success!

So, even though our Max was heartbroken to see his brother go...

Jack was the happiest boy in town.

He actually sat still while I helped him get dressed. And, that NEVER happens.

He wanted to wear his backpack to the car. But, it's only about five steps into the garage and up into the car. And, since everyone knows that a big boy going to school must wear his backpack to the car, we lengthened our trip and went out the front door and walked around to the garage.

Here's our Jack! Ready for his first day of school.

I let Jack pick out the color of his backpack. Navy? Red? Royal Blue?

Not for this boy.

FLUORESCENT LIME GREEN, baby! All the way!
That's our Jack.
He just rolls like that.

While we waited in the carpool line, he stared out the window. SO ready...

When we got to the front, where his teacher was waiting to greet him, he opened the van door, jumped out, and never looked back.

Not once.

In fact, he took off into a full sprint as he got close to the door.

And, he loved his first day. In his words:

"I learned about smelling and touching and hearing and seeing and tasting called 'senses' and we played on the playground and I met a new friend named Josh and he has a Lightning McQueen backpack and we had round cookies and, look Mom, I got a new magnifying glass and Mrs. B. has a lamb and she tells stories..."

As his teacher brought him to the car, she said, "He is such a precious boy. And, he loves to talk."

Yes. That's our Jack!


  1. HA! Love the green! Congratulations on his first day!!

  2. If only tenth grade were that much fun!

  3. I think the lime green is an excellent choice! So glad he loved his first day.

  4. This post made me smile. I can just feel his excitement!

  5. Oh that's awesome, Sar! Yay Jack - what a big boy!

  6. Good choice on lime green! Jules has the same one and loves it! Love the pictures of him walking into school. Hope he always loves school, such a blessing.

  7. oh it hurts when they don't look back. ;o( but i know its cuz they feel safe and secure. made it!

  8. Good job Jack!! and good job jay and sarah =) He's going to learn so much!!

  9. Cool backpack! Glad that he had a great day!

  10. He didn't even look back?! mr. independence :) Sooo glad he had fun and made a new friend!!

  11. By the way, I just noticed that his backpack is the EXACT same color as that bright grass in the picture! The green backpack soooo makes the pictures that much better!! Love it!

  12. Wonderful day! Lots of fun awaits the Short family during this season of life.

  13. i am smiling through my tears. so many memories. i am so happy that jack had such a great first day. that must have made your heart smile.

    have a great weekend.

  14. Oh Sarah- I'm a little behind on blog reading but I am so thrilled he had such a good first day. And round cookies to boot!

  15. the lime green backpack rocks Jack! yes, Jack and Landon would be great friends :o)

    I loved your pictures and how they told the story of his first day. I am glad he had such a wonderful first day of school. I hope his enthusiasm and excitement for school stay like this for years to come!

  16. Yay! I love the green backpack by the way...awesome!