Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Three days a week, Max watches Jack jump out of the car and head into school.

It was painfully difficult for him on that first day. It has since become much easier. Yet, as I watch him stare out the window, I see the longing in his eyes.

In our family, we pray before each meal. The boys say a simple prayer, then they thank God for whatever is currently on their minds. The most frequently occurring ones:

The playroom
Ice cream
Baby Isaac
Mr. Dave

This past weekend, seemingly out of the blue, Max prayed:

Thank you, God, for Jack's school.

May we, like this precious child, be thankful to God for what He has given those we love; even when He hasn't given it to us.


  1. I love hearing kids pray. They are so innocent and full of faith. In our church we have prayer ministers that people can come to to be prayed for and with. I do this about once a month and it is so wonderful to hear the kids. Their faith exceeds ours and is often less selfish. Thanks for sharing this slice of your life!

  2. Oh, Sar, what great perspective. Isn't it amazing how much they teach us?

    I had to laugh that they pray for Mr. Dave. That is so sweet! I know Dave will be honored to hear it.

  3. Ahhh... I'm glad that he's having an easier time without Jack, and that he can rejoice for his brother!

  4. He's such a precious little guy. What a cute photo.

    I'm afraid he will find many things in life where Jack is ahead of him, but in time may he feel the blessing of having his own time to enjoy these things as well. I'm sure you are instilling a thankful heart in him and praising him for being such a great brother :)

  5. That is so sweet! What a great job you and Jason are doing as parents to teach him such love and gratitude. What a precious story!

  6. Wow - how brave and loving of Max. And what a great lesson.

    I also really like it that Mr. Dave makes the list. Do any of the girls in that family make it into prayers?

  7. such a powerful lesson from such a little guy. he is too precious for words. and one day, little lincoln may utter the same prayer.

  8. oh, he is a doll. I still want to eat him up!

  9. Oh, sweet, sweet boy! You define precious.

  10. Oh that boy... he just melts my heart!