Friday, October 24, 2008


I love me a Friday. I mean, really...don't you just love 'em? And, a Friday that is date night? At Outback? With some great new friends? I can hardly stand it!

So, here are some things that I'm celebrating on this happy come-on-home-to-me-hunky-hubby day!

1. Lincoln is nine months old today. He's cause for ongoing celebration around here. He is crawling and laughing and even though he has a terrible cold, he keeps on smiling and giggling and reminding us that laughter often is the best medicine.

Many of you have asked about his recent tests. I am happy to report that all signs are pointing to the fact that he is just small. For now. At the pedicatrican yesterday, we found out that he is charting almost exactly the same as Max. Can you believe it? Max was Lincoln's same size at 9 months. And, Max - well, let's just say that boy is - umm - NOT small!

So, we praise God for good news regarding our tiny little man. And, we celebrate his teeny tininess. And his itty bitty clothes and fingers and toes!

2. Max is asking to go on the potty. Potty training Jack kicked my toosh to the moon and back, again. I could write novels about how NOT to potty train. So, even though I am the least qualified person on the planet to undertake the smelly and patience-testing task of all things pee and poo, I'm celebrating that my Max is wanting to be a big boy - and about to save us about $30/month in diapers.

3. The Jesus Storybook Bible Giveaway - I'm SO glad you all are signing up! I had hoped to write about this most wonderful book this week, but knowing how disorganized I am, I wisely gave myself two weeks. SO, next week will be a BIG OL' celebration of this book that I love so much. And, let me tell you, IT IS WORTH CELEBRATING!

4. Friends are getting engaged...and friends are celebrating extraordinary professional success (Congrats, Lauren! I am SO proud of you!) and carrying babies and having birthdays and becoming aunts and uncles and grandmas. Friends are losing weight and winning at life. And, I'm celebrating with all of you!

Here's to YOU celebrating this weekend!


  1. Those are great things to celebrate.
    Have a great night- and eat some of their onion petals for me!

  2. I second the loving Fridays! We are having a date night also with old friends. It's so good to get out of the house for a few hours without kids isn't it?! :)

  3. such wonderful things to celebrate! have a great date night :)

  4. Enjoy your date night!
    Thanks for update on Lincoln, I've been wanting to e-mail you or facebook you to get more info on the last test. Praise the Lord it came back ok.

    We too are potty training number 2. I love how similar our worlds are!!
    My tip is don't leave baby number three with child number 2 in the bathroom, b/c in our house our little miss likes to try to empty the porta potty for her big sister...resulting in a lovely mess as I am sure you can imagine!

  5. Lots of things to celebrate!! Have a wonderful time tonight! We are going out with friends tomorrow night! WOOHOO!!

  6. So glad you have so much to celebrate! Maybe I will live vicariously through you today and get out of the gloom I'm in. Let's just say that the mall did not go well today. Here's hoping that tonight goes better. That would definitely be cause for celebration in addition to all of your wonderful reasons.

  7. Those are lots of good things! Yeah for good tests and Lincoln being 9 months!

  8. i've been wondering about lincoln, so thanks for the update. and that's great about max.

    enjoy your friday night (outback, yum!) and have a great weekend.

  9. I LOVE Fridays. When the girls were little, it was always Family Night (pizza and games). Then as they started growing up and went to youth group on Friday night, it became John's and my date night. I am happy to say that we just celebrated our 18th wedding anniversary, we are empty nesters, and we STILL have date night every Friday night. And our favorite thing to do on date night? Sushi and wine by the fire (or on the deck, depending on the season).

    Enjoy your night out!

  10. Hooray for dear Lincoln crawling!!

    Hooray for Max and potty time!!

    Hooray for giveaways!

    And hooray for good news for friends... Did Lauren get another promotion? (Congrats, Lauren!)

  11. Right back at ya girlfriend!

  12. Hope you had a wonderful date night. Love hearing about all the things you have to celebrate. We are so blessed!

  13. That is a lot of great news to celebrate!!

  14. I love your spirit! Were you a cheerleader? I can almost hear you cheering out loud for all these things!!

  15. Yeah, yippee, and hoo rah!!!! Lots to celebrate all around. Thanks for spreading the happiness to us!

  16. Catching my breath and getting caught up on blog reading (instead of cleaning)....

    oh i love Fridays just knowing the weekend is ahead is cause for celebration.

    i can't believe lincoln is nine months old already - boy the time is flying so quickly.

    great news about max :o)

    i hope you had a great date night.