Wednesday, October 29, 2008

*UPDATED* It's A Deep, Deep, Deep Fried World!

So, you thought I was kidding about the Deep Fried Snickers, huh?

Well, while I was visiting my sister Anna, she took me to the North Carolina State Fair which happened to be going on that weekend.

And y'all, that there South - IT'S A DEEP, DEEP, DEEP FRIED WORLD!

Lest you think I'm making all of this up, I took pictures. Because well - I just wasn't sure you'd believe me if you didn't see it for yourself.

SO, here is why the people down south are a bit chipper, albeit chubbier, than the rest of the country:

Deep Fried PB & J
(for the healthy tots we're trying to raise):

Deep Fried Mac & Cheese:

Deep Fried Cheeseburger:

Deep Fried Oreos:

Deep Fried Twinkies:

Deep Fried Pecan Pie
(and Fresh Squeezed Lemonade for the folk that want to feel all healthy-like while partaking of all things deep fried -there is, however, one cup of sugar in each glass):

AND, of course, Deep Fried Three Musketeers, SNICKERS, and Milky Way:

So, what actually is "deep fried"?

It means that they skewer the item to be deep fried with a stick, dip it in a pancake/funnel cake type batter, and fry her up. Kinda like a corn dog.

SO, did I really eat a Deep Fried Snickers?


*UPDATED* - Since you all are wondering, that Deep Fried Snickers was one of the BEST things I've ever eaten. I LOVE funnel cakes - stick a Snickers in the middle and you've got one happy, happy, happy, happy Sarah!


  1. How funny! My friend lives in NC and she told me once that you can't sit still for too long down there, they'll deep fry YOU if you're not careful. :) Hope you enjoyed was it? I'm not sure any of those sound good. I think I will stick with just good ol' deep fried potatoes.

  2. Oh wow! A lot of deep fried food! May be tasty, but I'd get a little scared about the fat calories and arteries clogging. I'd like to try that snickers, though!

  3. OH my. Deep fried everything, huh?

    It looks good, Sar, but I'm skeptical.

    Dan and I went to a fair once where they deep fried potatoes for him and something different (Snickers?) for me. They both tasted similarly b/c they used the same gross grease.

    However, I would love to be proved wrong. I suspect that the good folks in the south know how to do it right. :)

  4. SO... was it good? It really doesn't sound good at all to me. It almost sounds like too much of a good thing overload.

  5. You need to fess up about the Bojangles and Goodberry's, too! LOL!!!!!

  6. This reminds me of an episode of Gilmore Girls called Deep Fried Thanksgiving...ever seen it? They deep fried EVERYTHING?!?!

    If I had been there, I totally would have gone for a deep fried snickers too. When in Rome, do as the Romans, right?

  7. And how was it? I have to say it really doesn't sound very good to me!

  8. mmmm...I'm hungry now!! we should try it sometime :) Thanksgiving's about a good a time as any, eh? lol

  9. OK, the deep fried Snickers looks AWESOME!!!!

    Oh my gosh, I totally forgot about Goodberry's (see Anna's comment). *Big (deep fried) Sigh* Only 10 more days and I will be partaking of some of the South's goodies!!! Chick-Fil-A here I come!

  10. You are SO my kind of girl!

  11. Deep fried snickers are sooo good! They make them up here in wisconsin (its not just a southern thing) only they serve it with vanilla ice cream and whipped cream...yummy!

  12. i had never heard of this deep fried trend until a trip to kansas a few years ago. i visited a food court in a small mall and they had deep fried candy bars. it intrigued us so much that we had to give it a try. we tried a milky way bar. it wasn't bad, just too rich for me to eat more than a couple of bites.

    deep frying all those foods is just a little bit crazy =)

  13. wow... i think i gained 10 pounds just looking at the pictures :)

  14. To quote Emily: Oh. My. Land.

    I love the smile on your face as you dig in! Looks like heaven on a stick.

  15. THese aren't just in the south. They are everywhere at the Iowa state fair. And a restaurant down the street from me (that has since closed) used to have deep fried oreos. Yum!!

  16. yum!!! I've had the deep fried oreos; they're delicious; I like anything oreo related.

  17. My cholesterol level just jumped through the roof looking at that. Thanks. :-/

  18. oh my goodness does that sound heavenly. i love me a snickers bar (just not too often) but then to have a deep fat fried one - wow!

    i love all the signs. they deep fat fry just about anything these days. i still like the old fashioned deep fat fried cheese curds dipped in ranch dressing (cause they aren't fattening enough) - yummy! they don't have fat fried cheese curds in these parts. just another reason to head home some summer for the fair.

  19. Oh my goodness!!! This is just hilarious! Thanks for all the pictures...especially the one of you partaking in that chocolate goodness. mmm hmm...