Friday, October 31, 2008

Jack, Max, and Lincoln Make Their TV Debut!

No, I am not a stage mother.


My sweet friend, Jennifer, called me a few weeks ago, and asked me if I'd be up for a little Halloween challenge. She works in Public Relations for a local bank and needed some inexpensive, homemade costumes for a spot her bank was sponsoring for a local news show.

And, she wanted to use my cute little precious sweeties as subjects. I was game!

So, I recruited my friend, Jenni, and her house full o' girls (to add some girlyness to the costume fun), and went to work on creating some homemade, inexpensive costumes.

I don't sew. I actually do own a sewing machine, but have no idea how to work it. So, everything had to be glued or taped or pinned or fastened in some raggedy fashion.

Jennifer came up with the idea for Jack's costume. (And, he works it!)

I pulled Max's costume idea from memory. A friend at work used it years ago and it CRACKED ME UP.

And, Lincoln - well, I'm happy to say that his was MY idea. As evidenced by the fact that it fell apart mid-shoot and is in complete and utter shambles at this point.

SO, without further delay - here are my three little sweetie pies (along with some friends) making their TV debut from our living room in their "Made by Momma" costumes!


  1. You guys are famous! Those grapes are GREAT! And the static cling was hilarious, Sar!! I love pizza even more now.

    Jenni's girls were adorable in this movie, too! Congrats, ladies!

  2. how fun! your boys are so precious and even more so in their costumes. love the grapes... or maybe it's jack as grapes that i love =)

    you did a great job!

  3. Oh so cute!

    Such great know, I could have benefited from this like a week ago! ;-P lol

  4. Woo Hoo your guys (and Jenni's girls) are famous!

    How fun! I love some of those ideas and may keep them in mind for kids (or myself) in years to come. I loved the bunch of grapes :O)


    I LOVED it! Jack was hysterical.

    I also really enjoyed Anna trying to get the wave figured out.

  6. They did so well and how cute!

    Hey- can I get their autograph!!

  7. so cute!! they are all awesome! I love Max's hair. Have a fun day!

  8. Very cool! They all look so cute!

  9. That's awesome that you were able to post this! I'm totally linking up to this so that my fam can see it. Oh that was so fun!

  10. I wanna be grapes! That looked so fun and happy.

    You are great!! Have a fun night with your boys.

  11. Sweet! I've been up to 1am several nights this week working on costumes... Inexpensive ones, but time consuming!
    I hope to post some pics, haven't blogged in a while.

  12. Nicely done and what fun that they got to have their 15 minutes of fame already! Was that you, we could kind of get a glimpse of, holding your sweet slice of pizza? Will they be wearing these for trick or treating tonight?

  13. awww...they are so cute! haha...little Lincoln was a piece of pizza! that made me laugh :)

  14. haha I showed this to everyone at work =) You're famous in MD too!!! So hilarious!!!

  15. What an exciting Halloween for you guys! I love the ideas and knowing the cuties is a bonus!

  16. This is GREAT and I wish I would've watched it sooner!!! What clever/easy ideas!!

    ALL the kiddos are precious!!

  17. How creative and fun!!! Love these ideas!