Monday, November 3, 2008

A Million Little Things

About this time last year, I met someone who is so entirely lovely that I just knew God was showering me with blessings through her friendship.

Then, we introduced our husbands to each other; and the four of us together - it worked. It just did. It just does. And, it made our friendship even sweeter.

Her name is Ginger. And, we met through the most unlikely of circumstances.

This past Sunday, we invited Ginger and her husband Dave to our home for dinner. They met our boys for the first time, and they loved on them and played on the floor with them and brought them coloring books filled with pages of their favorite movie characters.

We felt like we were with family. And since most of our real family lives 700 miles away, we long for that feeling. Our afternoon with Ginger and Dave - it was simply wonderful.

Rather than tell you about our time together, I had some fun with the pictures and I'll let them do the talking. Because you can see through Ginger and Dave's expressions the love they showed to us. And, even more precious to us - the love they poured out onto our children.

"Friendship isn't a big thing - it's a million little things."
~Author Unknown


  1. Ginger is a sweetheart! I've never met Dave but from what I've read on her blog he's wonderful too. I'm glad you had a good time and I'm not surprised they loved on your kids!
    You know, it was through your blog that I re-connected with Ginger after not seeing her since we graduated. So - thanks!

  2. What? No pictures of this molten chocolate cake I haven't stopped hearing about?


    Seriously, I'm so glad (and a bit jealous) that the 7 of you had some wonderful time together! :-D

  3. aww - how fun! also, i love the creative pictures.

  4. I love the pictures! Of course I posted them, too. Thanks for sharing since I forgot my camera. I think you will know how we felt about our visit when you read my post.

    I went to bed last night with the faces of three little boys in my head :) I love them all!...and so does Dave!

    (By the way, we don't want to forget that Momma Roar brought us together. I'm praying that someday I can kiss her babies, too even if they aren't little babies anymore.)

  5. It sounds like a perfect afternoon, Sar. Glad all went well - I know how important it is to feel like you have that "family" connection nearby. Hope you had a good Monday!

  6. yeah, yeah. but i seem to recall reading somewhere that ginger likes me and la the best.


    love the pics. waiting for the ones of the cake.

  7. Great pictures!

    I came back to visit the blog after finding you last week through Boo Mama's Souptacular thing! Nice to see you again!

  8. Looks like Ginger and Dave now have 3 adopted grandchildren!

  9. What a great time together. Ginger has a beautiful post on her blog as well about your time together.
    They are such sweet people!!

  10. How neat, Sarah. It is amazing the way the Lord brings friends together. This reminds me of a similar couple...Ed and Ilse. My parents had a similar situation with their neighbors back when we were toddlers. They had moved to Jessup, MD, and even though still in MD, they were a drive away. Ed and Ilse never had grandchildren, so we became theirs! Years later, we were still visiting them in Virginia. Just recently we heard they had passed away. It is wonderful the way the Lord brings special people who share your faith into your lives.

  11. My sisters and I had lunch with Ginger a while back - she's great. I've never met Dave but he must be wonderful too - my husband is Dave as well. So glad you had a great time together

  12. I loved reading about your get together here~ and at Ginger's. What a wonderful blessing you've been to each other.

  13. looks likes a fun evening... the pictures are in.cred.ible.

  14. precious!!!!
    We are praying for Jack!!! Keep us updated, love you!

  15. What fun for ALL of you. What wonderful pictures!!! You are both so sweet, I'm glad you were able to connect.

  16. Sar- Ginger sounds like a real gift to you. I love it especially when younger and older women have strong friendships. I think mentoring in marriage or mothering is important. And I'm glad you have her.

    I know you have a few women like that in your life and I've met one of them (Hi, Merc!) so I can only imagine that Ginger makes the grade, too. :)