Monday, January 12, 2009

Have It Your Way

So, I have this quirk.

Well, I actually have many. But, this one has my hubby wanting to crawl under the table and hide whenever I'm ordering food at a restaurant.

When I eat out, I like it my way.

Have you seen When Harry Met Sally? Well, I'm Sally when it comes to ordering food. I just like it the way I like it. And, if I'm gonna pig out on thousands of calories of fried, battered, lathered in sauces, butter, and sour cream-type food, I want it to be worth every thigh-spreading, belly chunking over my jeans bite.

So, when I eat out, I order things to my quirky specifications. And, since I loooooove to know how other people order their food, I thought I'd share some of mine - then see if you'd share yours - so I can find some new ways of becoming more quirky. Then blame you for it. :)

And, just so you know. My hubby could recite every one of these. Verbatim. Even from under a table.

Outback Steakhouse (EEK. My all-time favorite date night restaurant.)

The 6 ounce Outback Special.
Steak medium. With extra spices.
House salad with ranch dressing - on the side. No tomatoes or croutons.
Baked potato. Extra butter.

Chick-fil-A (Oh, how I love and miss you!)

#1 - Chicken sandwich. Extra pickles.
Fries. Only if they're hot. Will wait for new ones if they're not.
1/2 sweet tea. 1/2 unsweetened. With extra ice.

Note: If I am going to eat greasy, albeit delicious french fries, they've got to be hot - the rubbery ones that are cold are a no-go for this girl. I'm willing to wait for new ones.

McDonald's (Daily Weekly trip with the kiddos.)

Double Cheeseburger. Extra pickles. (If you order anything from McDonald's, if you alter the sandwich just a tad, you'll get a brand new one every time!)
French Fries. (see above)
1/2 sweet tea. 1/2 unsweetened. No extra ice needed at McD's.

Jimmy John's (GREAT sub shop - for my East Coast friends and fam.)

Hunters Club (Roast beef).
Light on the mayo.
Hold the tomato.
Add cucumbers.
Extra onions.

Chili's (Because their chips and salsa are to-die-for.)

Chicken Crispers.
Side of Pepper gravy. (Gloriously wonderful)
Substitute Cinnamon Apples for Corn on the Cob.

And last, but certainly not least...

Starbucks (Praise God from whom all blessings flow.)

White Chocolate Peppermint Mocha
Grande. In a Venti Cup. (Why? See here.)
Nonfat. No whip.
Extra hot.

So, there you have it. I could go on and on and on. But, seeing as you've now labeled me incredibly obsessive compulsive, I'll stop there.

Alright, your turn.

The places you eat. And drink. How do you like it?


  1. First I have to tell you that you're making me hungry!
    Second - I think I'm boring. About the only thing I do when ordering is tell them no pickle on my burger.

  2. Well, I must be as bad as you because I don't think your special orders are that weird at all. I think we're about equal. I think it only gets bad when you start ordering things that don't normally come with the item.

    And...I ALWAYS get my tall latte in a grande cup, for extra room. =) Funny, I've never known anyone else to do that.

  3. i'm just as ocd as you foodwise :)

    chilis: steak and portobello fajitas, no tortillas,cheese or sour cream. extra guacamole and extra chimichurri sauce (and have to have the chips and salsa)

    starbucks: either a venti shaken black iced tea, no syrup, 3 splenda or a grande, decaf, nonfat, caramel macchiato, upside down

    taco bell: #1 (burrito supreme, taco supreme) no tomatoes, diet pepsi and fire sauce

    when we get takeout my husband rarely asks me what i want :) i'm a total creature of habit.

  4. I always order no onions/extra pickles at McDs for the express reason of getting a fresh one. Usually works. Have gotten a cheeseburger a couple times where onions were clearly scraped off. Eww. Husband orders only pickle and onion, so he doesn't think I'm so weird. LOL.

  5. I always order my cheeseburgers plain at MickeyD's. And they always ask, WITHOUT FAIL, "just plain?" To which I have to reply, "yes, but still with cheese." 1 out of 3 times I'm scraping off ketchup, mustard, pickles and onion. Ah well.

  6. i join you in the "hot fries" requirement. this erks my husband who will eat rubbery cold fries. i however will not! seriously,if i'm gonna eat them it better be right.

    burger, no special sauce, ketchup and mustard instead, grill the onions, and add pickle.

    caramel latte, decaf, extra caramel, soy milk, with whip.

  7. Unfortunately, I'm too indecisive and unorganized to have many restaurant quirks anymore...but when I was younger, the first phrase I learned in a restaurant was "hold the sauce."

    I wanted spaghetti...with butter and loads of parm. That's it. No sauce. I ordered it that way until I was nearly 15 years old!

  8. i have some food quirks too, but not nearly as many as you!

    burgers? ketchup only

    coffee? grande latte with skim milk and one packet of raw sugar

    soda? 1/2 coke 1/2 diet

    i should really start asking for fries right out of the grease! good tip.

  9. I'm here to make you feel better because I do make 1 change to my sandwiches- I ask for extra mayo.
    See that should make you feel better because you're asking for healthier options- better idea than mine!

  10. LOVE your ideas for topics-too funny!

    The only one I can think of right now, although I KNOW there are others, is Qdoba.

    My husband could order it verbatim for me as well, and has. Here goes:

    Poblano Pesto Burrito
    Burrito on the side
    extra rice
    black beans
    *Half the amount of Pesto sauce
    *A little bit of green salsa
    *A little bit of cheese + sour cream

    I'm going to start paying attention now to the other restaurants we go to and see if I'm as goofy there too! :)

  11. I think I'm just as bad, or worse...Sally all the way (I would have ordered that slice of pie EXACTLY the same way - LOL!!). Anna makes fun of me because I won't bother eating tomato soup or a grilled cheese sandwich unless they're in combination, and fried eggs and toast just don't taste the same without a glass of orange juice. And as much as I LOVE LOVE LOVE pancakes, I won't order them at a restaurant unless they serve genuine maple syrup (which IHOP doesn't, btw). Oh, and hot french fries are a must, and I will wait for them.

    But as inconvenient as it is to "like it the way I like it" - especially when at someone else's house when I need to eat what I'm given with a smile - when I'm paying big bucks for food, I have no problem ordering it MY way.


  12. Ah, I just realized you were referring to eating out...I just gave you a few of my general food quirks. We VERY rarely eat out at all, but when we do, it's partly because we want good atmosphere...and Brett always asks for a booth (not a table) and tells the hostess that we're willing to wait longer for it. I want to crawl under a table sometimes because he's so picky about where we sit!!!


  13. I love Jimmy John's!

    I have some food allergies so I'm always asking "annoying" questions at every restaurant I go to. But if they serve it in a way that I can't eat it, I'll usually order something else. I wish I could be bold and tell them that I want it my way.


  14. When I was a kid, I did not like mustard. When my health-freak mom took us to McDonalds once a year or so, I would order a hamburger with no mustard. One time, they wrote on the wrapper, "Ham no mus." I thought that was so hilarious, I asked for "ham no mus" every time after that.

    Nowadays, my husband does most of the cooking, and since everything he makes is amazing, I just stay out of it and let him make what he wants.

    When we eat out, my husband is very specific, but his thing is always, "Make it so spicy it hurts." Extra curry, extra wasabi, extra jalapenos, extra hot sauce...

  15. Sarah
    You make me laugh and realize I may not be as weird as I thought, well ok I am. I am just as bad as you are, a complete creature of habit, I will say I want something as simple as chicken and broccoli and my husband says ok, we can go to Malarky's. I never ever get anything as it is listed on a menu, anywhere. My husband has gotten used to it and has memorized all my requests, whereas it drives my mother crazy. She says you are a servers worst nightmare. Oh well, I feel if I am paying you, bring it my way. I have always liked the Burger King slogan, "your way, right away" speaks to my heart!! I have also learned when ordering steak, I say bright pink throughout no blood, instead of the normal Medium/Medium Well, it definately catches people off guard. At work if one person is going to get lunch for everyone else I am always the one who gets stuck going as they are embarrassed to order things my way.
    At McDonalds I order a 10 piece nugget meal, extra crispy (this means they are hot), with "fresh fries no salt" then proceed to cramp my arm as I salt them myself, I need two packets of hot mustard, one for the fries and one for the nuggets and a Hi-C orange half full of ice.
    At Subway I like a 6 inch spicy italian on italian herbs and cheese cut the old way, with extra american cheese (anyone know where they get the white american, I love it and have bought it at the store and it so isn't the same). I like light lettuce, tomato, heavy green pepper and onion, pickles, black olives, salt and pepper, oil and lots of vinegar.
    These are just a few, you name the retaurant I, or my husband, can tell you the specifics to my order. It is comforting knowing I am not the only CRAZY one out there.
    This was fun, thanks.

  16. I usually just order with no specialties. Must be because I'll eat anything!

  17. Hold the cilantro on any mexican dish (at OTB I ask for them to make sure my food is extra hot), and since we have the same taste buds, I'm the same with outback, extra pickles, etc. At Friendly's I like the Reeses Cup Sundae made with chocolate chip ice cream, extra peanut sauce, and no marshmallow (although they are totally unreliable).

  18. I get bored and always like to try whatever the special is anywhere we go; so I'm rarely ordering the same thing twice. I just had a good sandwich at Burger King--Mushroom something or other. Scott's the quirky one in our relationship--little bit of ice in his coffee so he won't burn his tongue; no fries; grilled chicken sandwich w/no bread. :)

  19. i guess the one question i have is how do you all come up with this stuff? is it just trial and error? i guess you just decide what you do like and dont like and then pick that? im curious..haha:p

  20. You are too cute...and you have ALWAYS known what you like. ;o)

    I learned the order a fast food burger plain to get a fresh one trick long ago. One more...


    Chicken burrito
    BOTH beans (black and pinto)
    corn salsa AND tomato salsa
    sour cream
    ...and mix it before you wrap it (please and thank you)

  21. Though my husband would say I...ummmm.. PARTICULAR... I'm not really particular when it comes to food orders. I do like dressing on the side, and I do like extra pickles at Chik fil'a. And did you know here in the south we call 1/2 sweet, 1/2 unsweet tea a split? So now you can say "a large iced tea, split, with extra ice". Amen!

  22. I am the same way with my crazy orders. Thanks so much for sharing! You crack me up.

    Just so you know, I went to my local Starbucks the other day and the lady in the drive thru asked me if I wanted a spash stick. I had no idea what she meant, so I asked her and it is a little stick that fits in the whole of the coffe cup and the coffee DOES NOT SPILL. The cup holder in my car has not been a sticky mess in weeks. :)

  23. This makes me laugh because I've only eaten out with you once and I remember you ordering very specifically. I loved it because I am forced to order weird things. I felt right at home with a girl who knows what she wants and how she wants it. I no longer feel bad for saying, "No spices" and asking for the umpteenth time what I can substitute for the food I cannot have. Love ya girl!

  24. By the way, we stayed home and had pot pies out of a box...can you say yuuuuummmmy, NOT. Sure wish we could have crashed your date night :)

  25. I want it my way. If I order orange juice, I always want to know how pulpy it is. I do not like pulp! I always ask for no tomatoes, no ice for a fast food place. At a bagel place, go easy on the cream cheese-why do they put so much on? My husband finds it annoying when I special order things as well.

  26. LOL! I pretty much order things how they come because I "feel bad" asking for my food to be made differently. I have done the no onions at the MackShack because I don't like onions and I know my food will be hot. Otherwise, I pretty much take it like it comes. Since we rarely eat out, I should be more particular to get my food the way I want it when we do go out. :o)

  27. Okay, you seem totally normal to me. I always order grande in a venti cup. Always. But mine is so I have room for cream without scrimping on the precious caffeine.

    My whole family is crazy orderers.

    3 #1's (Double Double)
    1 no produce, extra sauce. 1/2 lemonade, 1/2 tea, extra ice.
    1 no onions, extra pickle, tomato and no sauce. Dr. Pepper, light ice.
    1 animal style. Medium 1/2 coke, 1/2 diet

    1 grilled cheese, plain. (To which they always ask just cheese and bread? Yes. Plain.)lemonade, no ice, 1/2 full

    1 #2 no pickles, no lettuce, extra onion (for a four year old!), extra tomato. Pink lemonade, no ice.

    Every single time. I'm relatively sure they spit in our food.

  28. You are funny! The half sweet/half unsweet tea thing is interesting. I won't drink sweet tea. If they mistakenly give it to me and I am already home I pour it out and just drink water. I don't like tomato on my sandwiches or burgers. I always order salad dressing on the side.

  29. OK, so I'm somewhere in between - not that bad, but definitely like things how I like them. I think my worst is at Quizno's. There's a sandwich I loved that they took off the menu, and another one comes close, so I basically have them make the old sandwich by substituting stuff on the other one.