Sunday, January 11, 2009

Max: Christmas 2008


Age: Almost 3

You loved Santa.

Favorite new toys: Play jungle animals, Lightning McQueen Scooter, play kitchen, grocery cart, Leapster 2
Our favorite memory: You loved your new animals so much that they went everywhere with you. You lined them up all day long, and even took them to your naps with you. Next to Jack and Lincoln, they were your best friends.
Did you believe in Santa? Most definitely
Favorite Christmas movie: "Da Gwinch”.
Favorite ornament: The flying Santa
Favorite Christmas decoration: Bells on the railing
Favorite cookie: Chocolate Star-Shaped Fudge
What filled your stocking: Lego Mater, Fruit snacks, “S” treats (aka Skittles), Fruit roll-ups
Favorite carol: Jingle Bells

Dear Max,

Oh, little buddy. Our home could hardly contain your joy about Christmas this year. You were so excited about Santa – everything Santa. And yet, the very first thing you shouted on Christmas morning was, “Happy Birthday, Jesus!” You danced on Christmas morning – all over the house. Keep dancing, Max. You make everyone around you want to dance, too.

We love you,
Mommy and Daddy


  1. Max, he is just pure joy! What a great age to begin to understand the JOY of Christmas.

  2. Oh my goodness, I will never forget watching Polar Express with you all at the theatre - that experience had Max written all over it. From his excited "DER'S SANTA" to the look of wonder on his little cherub face it was pure pleasure. This little guy makes us smile and giggle and we love him to pieces.