Thursday, January 29, 2009

My 500th Post: Go Ahead. Ask Me Anything!

Well, y'all. This is my 500th post.

I love to celebrate holidays and momentous occasions and, well - me sticking with 500 of anything - is a happy and unusual thing for me. And, a small victory over my perfected ability to start things and not finish them.

I love that you all have - through your visits and witty comments and touching stories and awesome advice and encouragement to me and one another- created a sense of community around here.

As I've said before, if nothing else, I hope you've laughed here. Because laughter is just deep, down good for the soul.

So, I thought we'd have a little fun with this 500th of posts. A bunch of my friends and fam have been posting up a storm on Facebook with 25 Random Things about themselves. And, I've loooooooved reading them.

But, since I already posted 100 Things About Me last year and since I'm always gab, gab, gabbing about whatever I feel like gabbing about on this here blog, I thought I'd open it up to you.


Ask me anything. Anything at all. Unless, of course, you're some sort of big, creepy weirdo. Then, ne'mind.

Recipe or cooking questions? Stuff about me? My life before kids? Blogging?

I'll answer as many of them as I can in a post or two next week. And, I think I might answer some of your questions via - can't believe I'm gonna type this - video.

'Cause I'm always wonderin' what y'all that I don't personally know sound like and perhaps you've never heard a "born and bread in West Virginia with a hint of a Bal'more accent living in the contagiously nasal-sounding Midwest" girl talk about all manner of randomness.


Ask away, y'all. And, please, no questions that involve math above a second grade level. Thankyouverymuch.


  1. "a "born and bread in West Virginia with a hint of a Bal'more accent living in the contagiously nasal-sounding Midwest" girl "

    Still thinking about a question, but laughing at this statement. You are from the east for sure and you talk really does Momma Roar. The first time we met I couldn't believe how much you two talk alike.

    I have so many things I'd love to ask you. It may take a coffee date.

  2. happy 500th! quite the milestone, and way to celebrate!

  3. Hmmmm. I know there are a million things I don't know about you, even though I've known you a long time and I am getting to know you well...

    Since I've only known you post-J, what were some of your life goals before marriage and kids and have any of them continued to be your goals? Have you fulfilled any of them?

  4. Congrats on 500!
    I'm wondering if 3 kids are it or if there might possibly be a #4 in the future?

  5. If you had girls, what would you have named them?

    Where is one place you'd like to travel to (with or without kids)?

    What is your favorite part of blogging?

    What is your least favorite part of blogging?

  6. Happy 500! You know I love your blog and I've read almost all of those 500 posts.
    I'm wondering in you liked to cook as a kid or did you start when you got married?

  7. Would you like me to ask you 500 questions?


  8. how do you say Appalachian?

    (not a question you were expecting).

    i have a good friend from the east, and she pronounces it
    "Ap uh lach in"

    out here in the west we pronounce it
    "Ap uh lation"

    i have to know, how do you "born and bread in West Virginia" pronounce Appalachian?

    and baking, my cookies always come out flat and crunchy. what am i doing wrong?

  9. I am new to the blogging world, so I have no idea what I am doing. How do you get your photos to appear in the middle of your post? Mine always appear at the top of the post?

    My husband's question would be-Since you are such an amazing cook and baker, how does Jason stay so thin?

  10. What is your absolute favorite dinner and favorite dessert? (That you make.)

    What do you like best about being a mom?

  11. I actually have something to tell you. I LOVE YOUR BLOG. You are so inspiring. I have started my own homemaking blog and will be sharing your ideas often (always giving you credit).

  12. happy 500th post! You are adorable and sweet, and I think you are an awesome mom.
    my question would be waht did you do prior to becoming a mom? And I too wonder how you stay so thin when you're such a great cook/baker!

  13. Where is your favorite place to shop for "Home Goods"?

  14. I'm thinking I should have phrased my question differently. How do YOU and Jason stay so thin? Every time I make one of your recipes, my husband always asks me if Jason is thin and then he is curious as to how that happens. Of course, maybe Jason knows about portion control. I think my husband is so shocked when there is something delicious on the table that he cannot help but overeat!

  15. WOW - 5ooth post. That is impressive. Congratulations!!
    I enjoy your blog and especially how you share about your children. I especially love the way you blog your thoughts.

    So since you're asking for questions, here's mine - did you always know that "political science" was for you?
    Cause I think you could have been a writer.

  16. After much thought my corny question is, "When did you figure out you were very short and do you feel like you are in the land of the giants when I'm around?"

    I also want to know (seriously) how you think you might feel someday if your children pack up and move far away from you and Jason? (hard question, I know, but wondering if that's ever crossed your mind?)

  17. Wow, 500! What a milestone, nice job! BTW, how do you know how many posts you have? I can't seem to figure that out on my blog.

    What made you decide to start blogging? Do you enjoy being a SAHM or do you wish you worked outside the home? If you could have any job in the world (besides being a rocking mom) what would it be?

  18. Without getting too specific (to honor your privacty), where in the midwest do you live?

    Happy 500th!!!

  19. I hope, for Ginger's sake, you will speak v.e.r.y. s.l.o.w.l.y. while doing the *gasp* video! ;)

    My question: What did you want to be when you were a little girl?

  20. What is one talent that you do not have that you wish you did?

    What is your secret dream job? This does not have to relate to any particular skill you have. It could just be something that sounds fun to you.

  21. congratulations on 500, SS. that is quite an accomplishment and i so enjoy reading your posts and getting to know you better.

    you always seem so positive and seem to do everything well when it comes to cooking/baking and parenting. i'd like to know what doesn't come easy to you and/or what you struggle with.

    i'd also like to know how you make such cute babies =) okay, you don't need to answer that one. ;D

  22. I'm just anxious to watch the video! I can't wait to hear your voice.

  23. Video, video, video (that is me chanting from across the country)

    Happy 500th post - wow! that is impressive. my 300th is coming up if i ever get in the groove again with posting. i have too received the 25 random facts on and via email so that is what i started for my 300th post. great minds....

    My question for you: what was your career before mommy? What was life like pre marriage and kiddos?

    Can't wait for your next posts answering all these questions!

  24. Here's my question....ya ready???
    Will you ever move back home???:-(....missing you all dearly!

  25. :) I like Johanna's question! we miss you guys!! I'm proud of you and your blog; so cool to see you using your talents to encourage so many people; I'm always telling people to check it out.

  26. No question from me, Sarah. There are a lot of neat questions here. Ginger's made me want to cry, thinking of my girls. That is a tough one for me. Have fun answering these!

  27. Congrats on reaching 500. I gotta tell you that you are one of my fav blogs and it is all the better because I can say I knew you when...though the more I read the more I wish we lived close b/c I really feel like if I knew you now, our families would be great buds.

    hmmm guess since the question on our minds lately at the circus is do we want more you and Jason have a plan for how many kids you'd like to have?

    also, i like the idea of knowing your fav meal to cook of all time. that was a good one...

    i seem to recall you are from a big family... how many kids were in your family? where are you in the birth order and are you close with your siblings?

  28. I have a question actually...

    I am interested in making a raspberry sauce, ya know like the ones that they put a dab of on your plate when you get a fancy dessert... do you know of a good recipe...?