Thursday, January 8, 2009


I spent most of my college years living in a dorm room.

Space was limited. I had a really small closet and I smushed as many clothes and shoes as I could into every nook of that tiny little closet.

I was blow drying my hair for class one morning and realized that the sweater I wanted to wear wasn’t on its hanger. The hanger hung empty on the closet rod. Where was my periwinkle and white striped cardigan?

It was stylish then. Really.

I kept staring into my closet as I finished drying my hair – dipping down every so often to see if it had fallen onto the floor. I couldn’t see it. When I finished drying my hair, I walked over to my closet to investigate.

I began digging through the disastrous abyss that was my closet floor and didn’t see it anywhere. I stood up in frustration.

Then I saw it.

Just below its empty hanger – smushed between the shirts around it -- was my cardigan. It had fallen off of the hanger and was seemingly suspended in mid-air between two other shirts. It was still in place. Because the shirts around it just wouldn’t let it fall.

As I muddled through my college years as a young adult – trying to figure out who I was, wanted to be, and tripping all over the place, these two girls were the clothes in my proverbial closet of life. They held me up when I could have crumbled and fallen to the floor. They kept my belly firm with our hysterical fits of laughter and jumped up and down with me when Jason made me his girl.

They were friends. The truest kind.

As I sat across from both of them at dinner a few weeks ago for the first time in a long, long time, I soaked up every sweet minute we had together. We’ve all changed and grown in the last 10 years – but as we shared of our blessings and heartaches and life victories and losses, I couldn’t help but see the girls who sat on my bed with me as I cried oceans of college dilemma tears – or laughed with me until our bellies ached.

I get to relive my college years quite often – Jason and I met and fell in love in college, and he and I tell and retell college-life stories over and over. Because our lives are filled with so many sweet, sweet memories from that time.

To Lauren and Lynn - the two beautiful, loving, talented, still make me laugh harder than I’ve ever laughed girls in this picture: Our lasting friendship is among the sweetest of them all.


  1. What a sweet post. How great that you got to be together again for awhile! I think Lauren needs a blog too. I'm sure it would be great because I love you and Lynn!
    PS - Love the new look!

  2. I had the best roommate in college so I can totally relate. Every time we get together it is like we were never apart!

  3. My college friends are the ones I'm still the closest to, even now over 10 years later. :)

  4. What a sweet, sweet story! I've recently rekindled a friendship with a friend from MIDDLE SCHOOL (and boy does that make me feel old!)...and those are the best kinds. We have history, and we know where we came from. Yea for old friends!

  5. I'm so glad you had time to get together with them!!

    I had to chuckle when you mentioned you had tons of shoes in your closet...remember, I was a PE major - I just thought back to my wardrobe of warm-up track suits and sneakers!!

  6. Sarah-- This is one of your sweetest posts ever. I love how you compare the sweater to you and your roomies. Very clever and heartwarming.

    Something tells me that you made them feel just as special. :) You have a way with that.


  7. love the new look! totally cute.

    also, I know JUST what you mean about college roommates! they're the best.

  8. What a great tribute to them, Sarah. I feel exactly the same way about my own college friends. (You should know, since one of them is Anna! LOL.)

    And the new look is completely awesome. You did a fantastic job!

  9. I LOVE your new layout - its awesome!

    Great friends are such a blessing. The college friends seem to be there for so many stages and changes in life. I am glad you were able to meet up and spend some time with your friends.

  10. You made me what to go to college all over again!

  11. Friends are one of those special gifts from the Lord. I saw Lauren holding Lincoln just for a moment on Saturday. Very neat! Like your new look here in bloggyland. Love your new picture! Praying you're feeling better soon!

  12. What a great post! I have been so thankful to reconnect via the good ol' internet with you and your roomies this past year! I know I didn't stay long at Towson, but I truly cherished my friendships with you guys. I have very fond memories of my time living in the towers!

    BTW I clicked over to read your love story.... beautiful posts!! Since I was only around for a brief part of your relationship, it was great to read about the whole big picture. What a great man you have!

    makes me want to write our story down.. perhaps i will this spring.

  13. Thanks for stopping by my blog today (and for voting for my haiku!), Sarah. You seem like the type of friend any college roomie would love to have!



  14. I came over via Julie's blog. I saw your name 'Short Stop' and since this was our dear doggies name, I had to come by. She lived 18 years.

  15. Oh, SG, I love you too. Thank you for your sweet, sweet words. I have very fond memories of those years too. When you were telling the sweater story, I seriously thought you were going say you looked up and saw ME wearing the sweater you wanted....LOL! Sharing clothes was the best!

    Love your new you!