Wednesday, January 28, 2009

You'll Never Go Back To The Microwave Stuff. Ever.

A couple of years ago, friends introduced us to the Stir Crazy Popcorn Popper.

And, y'all, it was the best popcorn we've ever had. And, now we own one. (Thanks, Lauren!) And, we've been using it for a year now and we use it all the time!

We LOVE our Stir Crazy.

So, what's so great about it that would cause anyone to give up trusty, easy, microwave popcorn?

Let me tell you!

1. It makes absolutely delicious popcorn! It's fresh and light and you control how much salt and butter and can leave out all the ingredients that are somewhat sketchy. Like"artificial flavors" and "color added" and "TBHQ".

2. It is cheaper than microwave popcorn. A 32 ounce bag of popcorn kernels at my grocery store is $1.69 and goes on sale for $1 quite often. The Stir Crazy makes 6 quarts of popcorn out of 1 cup of kernels. That's a lot of popcorn for a buck.

3. It pops every single kernel. Every one.

4. No spills. No mess. Unlike other popcorn poppers, the Stir Crazy bowl is on top of the popper, so the popcorn pops up into the bowl. No popcorn spilling all over the counter. And since you're not using a huge stockpot on the stove, there's no huge mess to clean up. Just flip over the bowl and it's ready to serve.

5. Clean up is a breeze. To clean it, just wipe out the non-stick center with a paper towel and rinse the bowl in warm, soapy water. Back into the cabinet and it's ready to go for the next time.

6. Kettle corn. Just add sugar to the oil when popping, and you get THE BEST kettle corn ever. Sweet and salty and downright addicting.

7. Kids love it! My kids love watching the popcorn pop in our Stir Crazy. They sit and stare at the bowl filling up with popcorn and are totally fascinated by it. I remember sitting and watching popcorn pop in our popper when I was a kid, and I love watching my kids marvel at it, too!

Now, I know the microwave stuff is easy. You just grab a bag and stick it in the microwave. And, we do use microwave popcorn from time to time - especially on vacation.

But, the popcorn that comes out of the Stir Crazy is SO much better, better for you, and better for the budget.

The Stir Crazy Popcorn Popper. Works for me.

*The Stir Crazy Popcorn Popper sells for $44.99 on with free shipping. However, it currently sells in-store for $29.99 at Target and for $24.72 at Walmart.

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  1. thanks for sharing your popcorn find. I've never even heard of this. We love popcorn too, I'll have to get one, the kids would love watching it pop I'm sure.

  2. Oh my. I love popcorn. I may have to look into this, Sar!

  3. It does look like fun, and I'd be tempted to get one if I had more storage space. So we'll be sticking to our hot air popper.

    I bought it specifically for making cinnamon candy corn at Christmas time, b/c you don't have to use oil at all. And my son thinks the pieces that try to escape are fun. :0) I also like to sprinkle parmesan cheese on my popcorn occasionally.

    But thank you for sharing - maybe I'd get one as a gift to give away. :0)

  4. I LOVE our Stir-Crazy Popcorn Popper! It's awesome. If you want to try some movie theater flavor, you can make burnt butter to put on top.

    You need about 2-3 tbsp unsalted butter (no margarine because it's too watery and your popcorn will shrivel up). Just put it in a small sauce pan while your popcorn is popping. Cook it and stir continuously so as not to let it burn to black. You'll start to see brown flecks (looks like cinnamon) and then you'll know it's done. Pour over your warm popcorn and you're set! SO yummy!! Enjoy!!

  5. LOL, SS. I'm trying to pare down the number of kitchen gadgets I have, and here you are tempting me with what looks like a fantastic product. You're evil.


  6. soooooo, this is what you were talking about....was it??? IT looks fun!

  7. I think I just stumbled upon an infomercial... :)

  8. Neat! We like popcorn here...usually the microwave kind, but Mom and Sarah saw a news special about the preservatives and a correlation to cancer. Now, we are scared to eat it. I think I'll go buy one of these! I can just see the girls loving watching it too! Thanks for the idea!

  9. That's neat! I do love kettle corn! Thanks for telling us how much and where to get it...that's the question I was thinking as I read the post!

  10. i will have to come over and try it.
    i am stuck to my big pot, oil at the bottom, pop, and flavor with lawry's season salt.. mmmm, good!

  11. i so love popcorn!

    this is the popcorn popper i grew up on... my mom made popcorn every friday to take to her office. we always had popcorn.

    i have been wanting the stir crazy for myself but haven't purchased it yet. every time I am home and we have popcorn I am reminded how good the popcorn is from the stir crazy.

  12. I don't really have room in my kitchen cupboards for one more piece of kitchen equipment, BUT, we LOVE popcorn around here so I am definitely considering this. (Mentally trying to rearrange my cupboards as I type.) Thanks for the tip!

  13. I have used a Stir Crazy for YEARS! In fact, I am on the second one. It always makes great popcorn. Worth finding a space to store it.

    Owen, Ellie, Josh, Kyra, and Katie's grandma

  14. we used to have one of these and our kids loved watching the hard kernels pop into the popcorn. and it did taste good.

    our bowl developed a crack in it and we just never replaced it since the microwave stuff was just easier.

    glad you enjoy yours so much. it makes great memories for the boys.

  15. We bought an air popper a few months ago and were shocked at how much better the popcorn was. Now I'm thinking we need a Stir Crazy!