Friday, February 13, 2009

Baby Steppin'. Like In What About Bob. Only With Cuter Shoes And A Dixie In Hand.

I love Starbucks.

With a deep, deep passion. Should have sent them a Valentine.

And, I should've purchased some stock in the place - and sold it, of course - before the market sank to the bottom of the ocean. Because I have spent a fortune at Starbucks on lattes and mochas and hot chocolates.

I mean, we're talking thousands.

But, I'm working on being more frugal. Baby steppin'. I say working on it because it doesn't come naturally to me. Sure, I loooove a good sale, and I would never, ever, ever pay full retail for an article of clothing. And, I'm careful with groceries - not to overspend.


I tell you what, I'll shell out four bucks on a drink without giving it a second thought. Strike that. Without a first thought. Starbucks became a habit. An expensive one.

And, that - well, it's kind of silly.

So, I've started whipping up my mornin' drinks at home. And, taking them with me in Dixie Grab 'n Go Cups.

I make a cup or two of the World's Best Hot Chocolate in my Bialetti Hot Chocolate Maker (click here to win one of your own in The Ultimate Valentine's Day Hot Chocolate Giveaway!), fill up my to-go cup and head out the door.

I enjoy my drink all the way to my destination, don't have to sit through the drive-thru line or be tempted by the Cinnamon Swirl Coffee Cake (OH SWEET MERCY, it is heavenly but goes right to your bootycheeks), and I save my family....

Four bucks. In one morning.

Let me assure you, that's not small beans around here.

I can make a rockin' dinner out of four smackeroos.

Oooh, I feel a blog post idea comin' on.

*I'm joining in on Frugal Friday at Biblical Womanhood today. Click on over for more frugal tips.


  1. This reminds me of the sermon that Jeff taught a few weeks ago. Way to go, frugal you! Miss you friend. I'm excited for the boys to brew so we can have a few hours to chat. (Which really means like a half hour of chatting and the rest of the time chasing kids. But still.)

  2. Wanna save even more? Invest in a good travel mug--save yourself the money and help the environment by not using disposable cups!

  3. Karen,

    You're right! That would be ideal. Unfortunately, in this diaper-toting, toddler wrestling, please-don't-give-me-one-more-dish-to-wash stage in my life, it's not really practical for me.

    However, if anyone knows of a good travel mug that doesn't spill when you drive, drop it, turn it upside down, and is toddler proof, I'd LOVE to hear about it!

  4. I don't like coffee, but a dinner post about 4$ meal - that I like!

  5. That's it, Sarah. Come on over to the dark side. ;-D

    I started making my coffee drinks at home about four years ago when I decided it was more important to save up for that fancy-schmancy digital camera than drink a mocha every morning. I know, *gasp*. It's worked out well. Just buy good coffee so you don't feel like you're missing out.

    Oh! I have a Starbucks travel mug that I have been using for years. JS hasn't destroyed it -- yet.

  6. Oh I know - 4bucks a cup is just too much but I too have been "Starbucked!". Well it's not 4 bucks here but 100 baht. It does add up.

  7. is this grab an d go a "tall, grande, or vente?"

    this is a great idea.

    where do you get your cups?

  8. I've been doing the same thing for a little while -- with a washable travel mug that totally leaks, but it's still worth saving the $4. I do indulge in the 'Bucks now and again, but it has saved us quite a bit of money in that alone.

    I'm totally interested in the $4 meal. We have some el cheapos too that are pretty tasty, but I'm always looking for new ones!

    Baby steps Dr. Marvin...

  9. I came over from Frugal Friday - you're a RIOT! :>) I just wanted to mention that I make my hubs different mixes that he adds to regular coffee he brews in the morning. I got most of them here:

    (I put in a hard return after the / so it would fit - you'll have to copy/paste)

    I add up however much I'll need of stuff, buy in bulk, and spend an afternoon with measuring cups and my food processor. Everything gets coated with a dusting of this stuff, but he's worth it. :>)

  10. you are so funny and even if you haven't done Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace he would be proud :o)

    good for you. it is amazing how those little things can add up quickly. i was surprised when we really cut back and stuck to our budget all the little things we have and can do without. it is good/necessary to have a treat every once in a while.

    i am interested in your $4 meal too... can't wait for that post.

  11. I got a really cute to-go mug from Starbucks (on clearance!) that has a screw top lip AND a pop up lid to keep coffee from coming out of the drinking hole so no leakage anywhere. It's great!