Friday, February 13, 2009

The Great Dressing Room Spectacle of 2009: The Follow-Up

So, a few of you asked me if I found something to wear for my hot date with my hubby tomorrow night.

Well, I didn't find anything on the day of The Great Dressing Room Spectacle of 2009.

But, today, I decided to give it one last effort. And, walked out with a new outfit that I can't wait to wear out with my sweet, darlin' hubby.

And, since girls love to gab fashion, I thought I'd share my new Valentine's Day outfit with y'all.

I bought this top to wear.

I love that it's classic. But, a little bit mod.

And, I actually have a head. Which only enhances the look.

I bought a necklace very much like this one to wear with it. 'Cause it was on clearance and I loved the way it looked with the top.

I'm gonna pair my new presents to myself with my favorite date night jeans. PRAISE THE LORD for the lycra that is present in these jeans. It works magic in reducing post-dinner muffin top.

You can't tell, but they're sprinkled with rhinestones on the booty pockets. Cause that's how I roll. Nothin' like a little booty bling to spice up date night. *Gasp* How scandalous.

And, I'll wear my favorite boots. Because they are so fabulously comfortable and they come along with me just about anytime I'm out with my hubby.

I can't wait, can't wait to spend a night on the town with this man of mine.

Hope y'all have a great weekend. Oh, and next week, I'll finally be posting the answers to your questions from My 500th Post!


  1. great outfit! glad you had more sucess today than last time :)

  2. your head will look great with that outfit.

    i LOVE the boots, and have been looking for a new black pair, where can i find them?

  3. cute cute outfit. you are going to be one hot mama! have fun on your date.

    i want to know where you got those jeans! i am constantly on the hunt for a good pair of jeans that fit my short legs! the boots love 'em.

  4. So, can you come and dress me? Seriously girlie, you know how to put together a cute outfit. I want me some date night boots and "booti bling" :-) Have a great time with Jason tonight.

  5. Can't wait to read more about your hot date. From other blog reading, it seems you had the perfect babysitters. ;o)

    Hope you took pictures!

  6. boots! love them! Hot outfit, i'm sure Jason loved it =)

  7. Why aren't you telling us where you got this stuff? Lycra jeans? How can you leave us hanging??

  8. Looks like a REALLY cute outfit. I'm dying to hear how it went. Dave gave me a few details, but you know how descriptive men are, especially my man. ;-)