Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Just a few thoughts on this fine Tuesday afternoon while my babies are passed out in their beds and I should be doing laundry...

1. Thank you SO much for your encouragement in regards to my pathetic whining about potty training Max. Y'all are great and I LOVE that you make me feel so normal when I think I might actually be slightly insane.

So, how's the potty training going, you ask? Yesterday we had three successes and two accidents.

Not too shabby.

I put Max in a diaper for MOPS this morning because we had no pull-ups in the house. He cried and there was weeping and gnashing of teeth when I put it on him which was totally upsetting and if my mother knew that I did that, she would be mortified. But, I just desperately needed some Mommy-with-other-Mommies time and I selfishly didn't want a, "Yes, which one of you is Max's mom? They need you downstairs." interruption to the one morning this week that I could leave the kids in someone else's care just long enough to scarf down some egg casserole and muffins and chocolate chip cookie bars.

'Cause MOPS, it's all about the brunch. Trust me.

So, we picked up pull-ups at Target on our way home from getting Jack from school. And, get this: that little Max was dry. I mean, completely dry. At 3pm. He had not pottied since 8:30am and was completely and totally dry. Granted, he hadn't had much to drink, but still. What a champ.

Grace. God is so faithful in sending down buckets full of it to scaredy-cat Mommas. I love that about Him.

2. Ok, so your questions from My 500th post. OH MY WORD. I laughed until I snorted and cried to Jason 'til he looked at me like I was crazy and thought to myself, "How on earth am I going to answer some of these without blubbering like a fool or ending up in a fit of hysterical laughter?" (How do you say Appalachian?) You asked tough and interesting and hilarious questions. Y'all have really made me think - so that's what I'm doing. Thinking. But, the answers are coming. If you have anything else you wanna lay on me while the offer's out there, I'm still game.

3. I am in love with a new product. And, when I say in love, I mean I am using it three times a day and I regularly put my hands around it and hug it. My hubby actually asked me if I love it more than him. Nah - but it's up there with Starbucks. And, my minivan. And, I've got one to give away to you! Next week...

4. Lincoln's 1st birthday was January 24th. He's not having his party 'til Grandma and Grandpa come to visit later this month and I figured I'd celebrate his precious little life on this blog then. But, we made him a cupcake on his birthday and I can no longer resist sharing this picture with you.

See that tear? He actually cried when the cupcake was gone. Oh, how I love this baby to pieces.

5. I'm missing my family. Missing home. Missing all things familiar back East a lot lately. So, if anyone wants to send me some UTZ Potato Chips or Berger Cookies or a few boxes of Tastykakes, it would make me feel a whole lot better. (This is manipulation at its finest. I realize that.)

Happy Tuesday, friends. Hope you're having a good one.


  1. First. LOVE that picture. WHAT a sweetie pie! Here's to many more cupcakes in his future. :-)

    Secondly, HOORAY for MOPS! :-)

    Thirdly, another question for you...I remember when you moved into your new house you said you had a great long story of how God provided it for you guys and that you would share it later. Did I miss it? If not, can you share?

    Also, why did you move to the midwest? And lastly, any chance of moving back to MD?

    Better close the questions soon or I will come up with more. :-)

  2. Yeah for Max! What a trooper he is. I love the picture of Lincoln and I can't wait to hear about your new product and the answers to your questions!

  3. love the picture of lincoln :) and way to go with the potty training. i gave it a shot yesterday, too, but it didn't go so well and i totally gave up after the first accident. patience is a hard virtue to find on monday mornings :)

  4. yay Max!

    yay Max's mom!

    and holy cow i can't believe Lincoln is a year old!

    and I can't wait for the video where you answer all the questions.

    and josh totally gives me that you-are-crazy-look when i'm laughing at blog posts. i try to read them to him, but he just doesn't get it.

  5. "Y'all are great and I LOVE that you make me feel so normal when I think I might actually be slightly insane."

    You are insane!! We just take pity on you! ;-P

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA re: Jason's comment. I was actually thinking about it the other day when I was eating a bag of rippled Utz chips and that quick, the thought was gone - because I think a wet diaper hit me in the head or something!!

    Shall I send chips and wet diapers?

  6. Reaons why I love Sarah:

    1."'Cause MOPS, it's all about the brunch. Trust me."
    Totally. I miss MOPS.

    2. "Grace. God is so faithful in sending down buckets full of it to scaredy-cat Mommas. I love that about Him." Yes, yes, yes. (Your'e scared sometimes, too?)

    3. I love how your child cries at the end of a cupcake. He is a foodie... which means he is definitely your child. Not that you cry over food, but you know...

    4. I miss home too. And family. Which is why I didn't eat or sleep until I reserved the beach house for August. Miss family. Terribly. And... forgive me for saying this, but there ain't no oceans here in Chi-town. Foohey.

  7. Aw, Sar!!! The kids are utterly adorable...LOVE that pic of Lincoln! I can't believe a year has gone by with that little cutie! By the way, the East misses you guys so much!!! Hopefully we can come visit soon :) xoxo

  8. Oh my gosh, I LOVE that picture of Lincoln and the story about the tear. He is too precious.

    That's AWESOME about Max. I hope today is going as well. Praying for you from flu-hell (sorry, it just needed to be said that way, there's no other way to feel about it at the moment).

    I'm sorry you're feeling homesick. I will definitely bring you some Utz when I come back from NC if Carolina Utz is OK. Wish there was more I could do to help you feel better about being away from family. Just know that there's some people in your current town who love you all like family. Miss seeing you guys.

    From our own personal quarantine, J.

  9. I believe you can order Tastykakes online. I had an aunt that sent me some in college through their website. That first bite of Butterscotch Krimpet tasted like home and heaven wrapped together.

  10. I see you've taught your son the proper way to eat a cupcake. I applaud you.


  11. That's great! :) God's been doing the same with me and our new puppy. I am glad he sees fit to lavish His grace on me too!

    I have been cooking your recipes and LOVE them. The black bean chicken chili was such a hit last night. Will you please post some more of your yummy recipes? :)

  12. You are such a doll!

    I can't wait to see what your new product love is all about.

    SUCH a cute picture of your sweet chocolate cupcake eating boy. Tears in this case are totally appropriate.

    We miss you in the East too...wanna come visit?!?

  13. if i lived back east, i would send you something. sorry. anything you need from denver, you just let me know.

    love the pic =)

  14. Oh, Sarah. I cannot imagine being away from home. I send you lots of east coast hugs and kisses. Lincoln is adorable, and I know Jason and your boys give you much joy. Continue to find your strength in the joy of the Lord. Lean into Him, and I pray He fills your heart with His comfort.

  15. A year old!!! WHAT!!!????? Unbelievable, and he is sooooo precious! Oh Sarah, back East is missin' you too....I will be on the lookout for them Berger cookies!
    We are still talking about coming up there this summer!

  16. cute cute picture of your sweet Lincoln. I love it!

    Yeah for potty training success.... keep it up Max

    I can't wait to see your new favorite product!

    Missing home... I know that feeling all too well.