Monday, February 23, 2009

On Writing



That's what happened to my laptop last week. I turned it off one evening, and couldn't turn it back on again the next day. I think I sent my computer into some sort of a coma, or even worse - killed it - 'cause all the sweet nothings I tried whispering into its various USB ports did nothin'. Nada. Zilch.

So, other than briefly swiping my hubby's laptop when he got home from work, I wasn't on a computer all week. And, I have yet to get mine working again. So, this week will probably be another light one here at Short Stop.

Sigh. I have missed you all.

So, I took an unexpected bloggy break - thanks to the passed out 'puter. Which gave me a lot of time to think. No time to type. But, plenty of time to think.

And, all that thinking made me realize something about myself.

People often ask me why I blog. And, I have never come up with an answer that truly captures why I do it. Perhaps that's because the answer is always changing - why I started isn't why I do it now. And, why I publish one post, isn't why I publish the next.

But as I lived through last week - my mind stuffed full of thoughts and personal revelations and stories and meals around our family table that I desperately wanted to empty out onto virtual paper, I realized that it is in writing about these moments and sharing these stories that I experience them most fully. That by recreating these moments through colorful phrases and words, I process my life in a deeper and lasting sense - in all of its beauty and hilarity and deliciousness.

As I wind along this motherhood path, trying to absorb every memory of love and drama and joy and chaos, it is through this process of writing that I'm keeping these precious days from slipping away without first fully drenching myself in the wonder of each moment.

Writing allows me to truly feel and experience each moment on the deepest of levels.

As I scroll through the almost two years of archives sitting on my sidebar, I am in awe that I can be swept away - back to a moment in time - and relive with clarity and fullness and depth so many memories that would have otherwise been lost in a sea of motherhood murkiness.

By writing about my experiences as a wife and mother - by sharing our family stories and capturing the spirit of our life through the words on this blog - I am handing my future self, and my children, a set of keys...

The keys to unlocking our memories and reliving them again with the same fullness and breadth that we're living them now.


  1. That is such a great reason to blog. I've often wished that blogging had been around when my kids were little. I would have taken more pictures and I would have all that written documentation. But - at least I have what I have written now!

  2. here here! i know that has a lot to do with why i do it. when you are raising small children, people always say, "make sure you write that down!" blogging is one way to make sure those memories are actually captured. it's amazing how a rather meaningful incident from six months passed can so quickly be forgotten...and how perusing your own posts can help you remember.

  3. Beautiful post! I share very similar reasons for blogging!!

    I've missed you too, I'm still waiting for the vlog! :D

    "motherhood murkiness" - what a perfect description of where memories get lost, lol!!

  4. This is a beautiful post, Sarah. I remember when I was doing the Blurb book, looking through all the previous posts and thinking, "I completely forgot about that" and being so thankful I wrote it down so I know where you're coming from.

  5. Oh've always had the gift of writing. Being able to express yourself with words in a way that makes me feel like I am right there with you....which is good, since you are SO FAR AWAY!!! you just need to write that book :-). Love you!

  6. poopy laptop...

    I'm glad you write. I love reading about all those memories and feeling connected to you in a whole new way. love you.

  7. ahhh, so good. i too wish that blogging had been around when my kids were younger (thankfully i kept journals then). i too love to write and delight in the moments. i love to go back and see how our family is taking shape, how my heart is taking shape.
    beautiful post. looks like a week without "'puter" turned into a blessing of a post!

  8. You have captured perfectly some of my main reasons for blogging. I have also appreciated immensely the opportunity it has given me to share my life with other women in a way I wouldn't have had a chance to otherwise.

    I have missed you this past week on FB and blogland. I always love your posts and your status updates. Hope you get your computer back soon!

  9. beautiful post sarah. i totally agree with what you've said. and you are so talented in articulation that your posts paint a beautiful picture of your thoughts and life. i'm thankful that you share that through your blog.