Saturday, March 21, 2009

And, We Woke Up And Shouted...

"Welcome, Spring."


  1. did you then ask spring to step aside and let his brother summer show him how its done... ;)

  2. oh NO! it is almost a guarantee in the midwest to have a spring snowstorm. usually in MN it was during girls or boys state basketball tournaments. at least with the spring snow you know it won't last long. spring will come, spring will come - keep repeating it!

  3. You see the bright side of everything, Sar.

    I swear I would've started weaping.

    You are a bit of sunshine in my life, girl.

  4. Oh, Em. You think too highly of me. I think a few curse words came out of my mouth when I first realized last night brought snow onto our snow-less ground - especially considering we were runnin' around in 70 degree weather last weekend.

    Sigh...I should not attempt sarcasm. I'm terrible at it.

  5. You are so funny! That's Michigan~!

  6. That is excellent! You couldn't have said/shown it better.