Sunday, March 8, 2009

A Little Video. It's Titled, "Um".

I had no idea how much I used the word, "Um".

Until today.


Painful realization.

Nonetheless, here it is. A video of me. As promised - from My 500th Post.

Brace yourselves.

You're in for an "Um" of a time.


  1. but i really want you to answer my question! do you say "um app-uh- laish- in" or "um app-uh-lach-in?"

  2. I loved seeing and hearing you. You have a really sweet voice! My hubby just told me that I've developed the habit of saying "you know" at the end of many sentences. I had no idea, and now I'm hearing myself say it and trying to stop. It's hard!

  3. LOL. Do you really want me to view that video again and count how many times you say, "Um"? ;-D

    Loved hearing you kinda sorta in real life. You don't talk nearly as fast as Leigh Ann. Thank you.
    (Hi, LA!)

  4. are so sweet!
    I um,loved your video!
    Hee, hee. hee.

    LOL- My husband says the same thing about the stories I tell him of our kids at the end of the day!

  5. You are adorable! I loved hearing you "in person" again. And I love your blog...I look forward to getting another glimpse into the life of you and your family with each post. Thank you!

  6. You are a sweetheart! I agree about both of your points on blogging. Same thing here. And "um" is a word. Isn't it? I had the same problem when I did my video post!

  7. First, :P JM!

    Ahem, moving on!! Great job for the vlog!! Who cares if you use um in a video, just as long as it doesn't creep into your writing!

    I was just waiting for you to say that JM would probably be the one to count the um's.

    Lastly, this makes me so wanna sit across the table from you again at CB! :-D

  8. You are so cute! I loved your video... so fun to see you in real life sort of. You did a great job. When I did my video I said "um" far too many times as well. It just happens.

    I would agree with your answers about blogging- the best thing can also be the hardest thing. I am thankful to be part of the Short Stop community.

    I am looking forward to reading the answers to the rest of your questions this week.

  9. You're adorable, Sarah! I don't care how many times you said, "Um", it was still nice to hear your voice!

  10. so nice to see you "face to face" you are adorable. I am a fan of your blog and visit you regularly.

  11. Thanks again, Sarah, for sharing your heart with us. I have to agree about the reason you enjoy blogging. It's the community and it's such a wonderful and supportive community. Thanks again for vlogging!

  12. Thanks for posting this video! I'm a big fan of your blog and actually signed on today to look up a recipe for dinner tonight :) what a pleasant surprise to get to see you!
    and now off to find the mushroom lasagna recipe...
    thank you for sharing!

  13. you did a great job. i don't know if i would ever be comfortable doing a vlog.

    i agree with your thoughts on blogging and the blogging community. knowing you and reading your posts have been a blessing.

    (i use the word 'actually' way too much)

  14. It is so great to see bloggers. Thank you for stepping out of your comfort zone so that we could get to know you better! I am left wondering what word I might repeat while I am collecting my thoughts. Maybe i will have to ask hubby that one. Wink!

  15. I miss you more did GREAT!

  16. Well since nobody else did it, and I have a habit of counting how many times people repeat words...You said "umm" or "uh" 63 times hehe! Don't worry..we all have words we say over and over :)

  17. Oh SG, it's so fun to hear your voice on here. I'm laughing at the first story you told. As you know, I'm a regular here. Way to step out of your comfy, talented, writing zone to share another dimension of you.

    For some reason, I was thinking about one of the papers you wrote for a political science class in college while I was driving today. Thought that might make you smile.

  18. What a sweetheart you are. I'll listen to this video whenever I need a dose of Sarah's sweet voice.

  19. Sweet friend of mine, this was great! You have once again brought tears to my eyes.

    I love you and your family as does my husband. I'm so glad MommaRoar brought us together.

    I learned a couple of new things about your on this vlog and it helped me to love you even more!

  20. Your "um" is my "like." Great job with the video -- so did you have the boys tied up when you did it? LOL. I could never have done that when the kids were awake -- would have had to be a post-bedtime thingy.