Wednesday, March 18, 2009

A Mother's Prayer

When I was in college, I fell in love with this boy.

He was always carrying the same accessory. A basketball.

Everywhere he went. Under his arm. All around campus. And, I'd sit and watch him play pick up games. And, I'd swoon.

He still carries that same basketball under his arm. Only now...

He's not on campus. He's at a park. Playin' with his boys. Our boys.

Teaching them the fundamentals.

Hoping that they're getting it.

And, I watch him - watching his boys learn to love the game that means so much to him.

And, I sit on the sidelines and pray.

Please, Lord. Let them love basketball.

But, no matter how good they are...

Please don't let them want to play for Duke.

It would be too much for this Mama to bear.


  1. Ohhh how cute. I was getting a little weepy reading it, til I got to the Duke part and just had to crack up! That will be mine one day, cept with a football!

  2. That's too funny!!

    My husband (and I) secretly pray that our boys will love soccer.

  3. Sarah, Sarah, Sarah... I love the twist... You got me, girl! That was awesome... the heartfelt mother's prayer and then "don't let them play for Duke"... Bahahahah...

    And the pics you got of Jason are perfect. I can say enough how much we love your fam.

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  5. Sorry, I made a mistake in my other comment, so I deleted it... Man, I need to go back to sleep :)

    You are so funny....there is almost always a twist at the end of your stories- I LOVE it :)

    My favorite shot is the one you got of your boys from behind. So sweet and completely priceless!

  6. I happened to check out your blog after Momma Roar made the yummy Cake Mix Cookies for a baby meal when we had our fourth child. They were so yummy and are so easy to make. I have been enjoying reading your blog as I have 3 boys and 1 girl (the girl being the second to oldest). I loved your last precious, but the Duke part was so funny!!!!!! My husband and oldest son(8) loves watching basketball, but they route for UNC, NOT DUKE!

  7. What a sweet post - with a little funny thrown in! I love the pictures.

  8. I hear ya!!! Love the pictures, they tell the story almost as good as you!! Love your blog so much!

  9. So funny! My husband feels that way about football, and our boys playing for anyone BUT the Steelers!

  10. LOL, SS.

    JD plays racquetball. I do not want JS going in that court -- yet.

  11. ....or Aunt Anna will pound them until they switch to Tarheel blue!!!

  12. You are hilarious! You start out with this sappy (but sweet) love post and end with snarkness. You rock!

  13. So funny. So serious and touching...until the Duke part! LOL Looks like your camera is getting some great use!

  14. That is so funny!!!
    It was like a MasterCard or Visa or whatever commercial.
    So funny!

  15. Oh my gosh, that was totally us in the good ol' days of Carney :) Waiting for the "big boys" to leave the court so we could Jack is getting so big! Love the pics, Sar! Love and miss you all!

  16. Just had to tell you I found your blog somehow (don't even remember where) and just love it, love it, love it!! I have three boys, too. I had to archive just a bit and the one about the older gentleman at the mall encouraging you made me CRY! (and I don't cry much)...Thanks for blogging, I've enjoyed finding this!

  17. You're too funny. I still don't understand to much of your college basketball (I follow the NBA though)but I do see that Duke wins a lot.
    Again you're tooo funny.
    Great post and great photos.

  18. the pictures are great...

    the prayer something similar to what is prayed in our house except for the Duke part :o)

    this was awesome - loved it.

    landon was so excited to see jack loves basketball too.

  19. this totally made me laugh out loud at the airport yesterday. here i think you're going to write something sappy-sweet, and no, you go and make a joke about bball.

  20. Or Ohio State. Or Notre Dame. Or Purdue. But mostly Ohio State. You know -- Satan's alma mater.

  21. BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA -- I LOVE THAT PRAYER!!!! See there are just deep down heart reasons why we're friends. Oh my word, Sarah, that made me laugh and laugh.

  22. I adore this! What a great man you have! Ha ha.