Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Once Upon A Mid-Morning Shower

One day last week, I took a mid-morning shower.

You think that's not newsworthy? Well, a mid-morning shower ONLY happens to this Momma after very careful weighing of two scenarios:

Cleanliness. Or possible arson.

I love my Jack and Max, but announcing to them that Momma is going into the land of "she can't see or hear a doggone thing you're doing" makes their little eyes light up like nothin' else. They're just - adventurous. And, I am often a major obstacle to their most creative of adventure planning.

But, in a moment of sheer bravery, I hopped in the shower after elevenses. Of course, I threatened them within an inch of their sticky little lives that if they even so much as moved off of the bed, that I'd...

Well, you get the point.

And amazingly, I walked out with both of the boys sitting on my bed still engrossed in the likes of the Imagination Movers. (What a psycho show. They, however, belly laugh at the absurdity.)

"Momma, you're a a beetiful pwincess", exclaims Max as I walk into the room. I think it had something to do with the towel turban on my head and the bra "Ariel shirt" I was wearing.

Side note: To appease my husband who is now having a heart attack that I just proclaimed to the world that our boys have seen The Little Mermaid, we only watch for Sebastian and the pirates, ok?

Let's move on.

I realize that my clothes are in the laundry room, where my clean clothes have set up house and home.

And, living on a couple of acres with virtually no neighbors, I decide to streak across the house in nothing but my pwincess headwear, "Ariel" thingy, and underwear to retrieve my morning attire from the laundry room.

Let's just say that our package-toting, doorbell-ringing, window-peering UPS man ain't never seen a princess like that before.

Hey, at least I wasn't wearing my little silver number.


  1. haha, I'm sure your UPS man has seen lots of similar stories. At least you had the most important stuff covered.

  2. holy cow you make me laugh. the princess/ariel look - awesome!

  3. You were probably the best stop of his day!

  4. oh, wow, i can't even begin to imagine... i think that i would have died right there on the spot.

  5. Did you have to sign for it or could he leave it on the step? That is an awesome story and quite embrassing! My son also calls bras "Ariel" shirts and if he sees someone on a magazine at the store scantily clad he will say, "it's not good for girls to show their bellies like that. Why does Ariel do that?" And I reply something about her being a mermaid.

  6. That's hilarious!! An Ariel shirt...I'm going to have to use that one with my two boys! ;) Really funny!!

    Oh, and a story about the UPS man. I was pumping for my first born one day (both breasts at one time so my hands were busy). Anyway, the doorbell rings and a loud knock is a the door. I froze in fear while sitting in my recliner facing the door knowing that it was not locked. The door opens and a now very frightened UPS man drops the box as he catches my eyes. Oops! I don't think he's every opened the door again. I was mortified. But it makes a funny story now and I always tell nursing mothers to face their chair away from the front door. ;)

  7. You are hilarious!
    You crack me up with the "Ariel shirt"- that's genius, I'm so going to use that!

    Oh, and my cheeks are red for you!

  8. LOL! Oh, Sarah! What to do then!?
    I agree on the mid-morning shower thing. Just yesterday, when Sierra was up before "I wanted her up," I walked in her room and gave her a book and said she couldn't get up until I had my shower. I was sure I'd turn off the water to shrieks of, "Sierra get up!" But praise the Lord, all was quiet...well, for 5 more minutes!

  9. Sarah... Love the title. Love the bra--scratch that-- ariel princess reference. Love the side note to Jason. You are a hoot girl. A genuine hoot. Love this silly story.

  10. oh my...that's a good one.
    btw, at a rather young age (and after watching The Little Mermaid) my daughter dubbed anything bra or bikini-ish to be "nipple holders." they could call them that...

  11. After hearing the short version on Fb, totally love how you wrote this. If you want, you can blame my girls for undue princess influence.

    SO GREAT to see you this morning! And thank you, again, for my birthday present. I'm super excited to try it!!!

  12. LOL! You did a great job telling the whole story (after seeing shortened version on Oh my goodness. Can you imagine the story you UPS man had to tell back at the shop?? They might be flipping quarters for deliveries to your house :o)

    I had to do the run through the house this am but don't live without neighbors. I had Morgan on the lookout so I could make it. I was just lazy - got home from the gym, had laundry going and didn't want to haul stinky sweaty clothes back down. Thankfully no UPS men at my door today.

  13. I was once involuntarily (does it happen voluntarily?) flashed to the cable guy by my husband. In fairness, he forgot I was getting dressed and the doors are at opposite ends of the hall from each other.

    But when he let the maintainance man while I was in nothing but a towel, I started to wonder...

  14. I am new here! What a great blog :)

  15. oh my! hehehe =D
    did you open the door? inquiring minds want to know.

    i remember shower times like that, too. "sit here and do not get off the bed," and they would still be there when i got out - eyes still glued to the tv. some times you do what you have to do.

  16. Oh my goodness, that is crazy. And your Ariel shirt--greatness! Yea for a LOTR reference. And I happen to love Imagination Movers. My boys think it is great and it is definitely better than a lot of kid shows. My boys get their guitars out and play along with the movers.