Monday, April 27, 2009

Brotherly Bond

I took these photos a few days after Lincoln was born.

I was so moved by the bond that Jack, at three and a half, already had with his newborn brother.

His tenderness and interest.

The way his fingers just naturally danced across Lincoln's tiny little head.

It was like they already had secrets and a special language that I didn't speak.

The desire to know, touch, accept.

I remember watching this interaction and marveling at the raw and beautiful and deep-rooted relationship that exists between siblings.

And, rejoicing in the knowledge that over time, this precious, unbreakable bond...

...just gets stronger.


  1. yea that was a tear jerker FOR SURE!
    beautiful pics..
    i too love observing the bonds between my kids... unlike anything else i've seen.

  2. So sweet! And like you said - it does grow stronger!

  3. So, so sweet!
    It really is so beautiful and amazing to watch the instant bond that exists between siblings.

    Beautiful post & great shots- especially the one with Jack's fingers dancing along little Lincoln's head.

  4. Being 8 years younger than my brother and 4 years behind my sister, I never felt that we connected much...even now. And that is why we wanted to have our children closer together in age - I love to see them all interested in the same things and the encouragement that exists between them.

    Beautiful post!!

  5. Oh my goodness those are adorable and sweet and tender and all the things you wrote about them...and the pictures are too. ;-)

  6. these are such beautiful pictures. your words just make it even more precious.

  7. I love these pictures! So wonderful!

  8. Oh my....I can't wait to take pictures like this. Soon...I was 4 cm at my apt on Tuesday! So, so precious.