Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Jack and Rocky

I've never wanted a dog.

Lord knows I've never wanted a dog.

I'm just not a "dog" person.

Dogs are work. Momma doesn't want any more work. Momma didn't want any more work before she was a Momma.

Especially work that involves pee and poo and a four-legged creature that deposits both here and there and everywhere.

Did I mention I've never wanted a dog?

Then my dog-loving sister lured me to her father-in-law's house.

And, introduced Jack to Rocky.

And, daggone it if Rocky didn't pony right up to my boy with all sorts of intentions to foil my plans.

I wasn't falling for it.

I repeat: Not falling for it.

I did want to know. What was happening here?

Jack had never met Rocky.

Jack had never played with a dog before. Ever.

But, in an instant.

The world disappeared around Jack.

Except for Rocky.

As I sat there watching Jack across the field with Rocky, I remembered my husband leaning down and whispering in my ear just a few moments after our Jack, our surprise baby boy, was born:

"You know this means we're getting a dog."

I didn't believe him.

Lord help me.


  1. I'm so with you on this! But guess what? We got a dog. And a few cats, goldfish and a dwarf hamster before we were done!

  2. We just got a dog for my three little boys. I said I'd never have a dog in my house. But once I saw this cute little lab/springer mix "Daisy girl"-running all over the backyard with the boys was over. The boys prayed for her this morning b/f she went to the hospital to be spayed. Gotta love a dog!

  3. Hehee... Life is full of surprises with you! I loved this post, Sar... I loved hearing your heart change...I felt my heart change along with you. I'm a "no pet" family as well. :)

  4. I'm so torn with this as well. I think my kids need a dog, but then we're tied down. And there's the issue of the mess in the yard. For now we're on the "no" end.

  5. If you ask, there's probably a good chance you could have Rocky. :)

  6. same thing happened to us. we've had our lab belle for 5 years now.

  7. You should write a book

    Loved this post!

    I'm a little jealous...we had a dog before we had kids but had to give him up when our oldest started crawling and we discovered his severe allergies to animals. *tear*
    They are more work, but they also quickly become a part of the family!

    I say take the plunge!

  8. I am not a dog person either... but we've had one since a year before my son was born. And as much as I hate the extra clean up work, I love that my kids aren't afraid of dogs.. and I love the pure delight my little girl gets when she sees the dog each morning. She squeals with delight, "It's Maggie... It's Maggie!" EVERY.SINGLE.DAY

    Good luck... I am impressed you've held out this long!

  9. LOL

    c'mon - dogs are the best!

    just get a lazy, low key type - no labs or anything. riley sleeps like 20 hours out of each day, then snuggles, plays and keeps us company in a delightful way for the other 4. josh was totally hesitant about getting a dog because of the extra work and such, but he says having riley is one of the best things we've done since we got married.

  10. You know, there are days when I completely miss Lucy. She was one of the sweetest dogs ever and SO good with the girls. I mean they fell all over her when they were learning to walk and stepped on her tail and pulled on her ears and NOT ONCE did she ever even yelp. Just took it like a champ. And they totally loved playing with her and loving on her.

    Of course, I would love for you all *not* to get one, knowing we'd have to limit our time around a pooch for Anna's sake. And I could tell you how much easier it is to keep the house clean without picking up after an animal (there were days it felt like I had another child in the house). But I can completely understand the desire when you see your child absolutely delight in another living thing. It's hard to not want to give into that. If it weren't for Anna's allergies, we'd be right there with you.

  11. Get a dog! Get a dog!
    Shawn and I are getting one in a few months. I'm so excited - I've never really had a pet...

  12. I think it might work the same way with girls and cats - for some reason Elizabeth LOVES "kee-kats". Let's hope she outgrows it, because we are NOT - I repeat - NOT getting a cat. EVER. Her stuffed giant Hello Kitty will have to suffice. ;-)


  13. heeheeheheeheheheeeeeeee!!!! At least he latched onto the dog and not the rooster!!! Rocky is nuts. Zane's right, I'm sure Henry would gladly ship him up your way. He'd probably send you the chicken, too, although N&I would be very sad.

    Tell Jack he can come visit Rocky anytime.

  14. every child deserves a dog!!

  15. You might want to tell you friend MB about my experience with NEVER getting a cat.

    Never say never. I tried that for many year, but it was the best thing for Jenna when her big sisters started to grow up and she was home alone alot. The kitty was and still is her company every single day (even though Jen is 20.)

  16. My husband and I picked out our golden for a joint wedding gift. Now, even after being bumped down the totem pole by our two boys, she is still loyal. She puts up with SO much from the boys, who just love her. (We get "EL-LA!!, EL-LA!!" every morning, after naps, when we get home...) Trying to determine how bad my older son's allergy is and whether we can still keep her. Sad, but the cleanup/care is still all mine, so I wouldn't miss that part. I WOULD miss how much fun the boys have with her. I have a few photo series like yours, too! :) There's just something about 'a boy and his dog.'

  17. Dogs are wonderful! The boys would love having one! No pressure.......but, you should get one! :)

  18. Hee hee! Love this post! Too sweet, and funny, and uh oh!!! We are a no pet family too. We dog sat for a SWEET dog for a week, and then realized we were not dog-in-the-house kind of people. Black fur on EVERYTHING!

  19. this is great! your boys need a dog :o)