Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day Video 2009

Every year since I've been a Momma, my husband has made me a video as my gift for Mother's Day.

It is my favorite gift of the year.

I always have an image in my mind about what his video will be like - as we've both lived the same year, share the same memories, and surely his recollection of our year is the same as mine.

I am always way off.

Last year, he moved me to tears with a sweet, sentimental video that had me crying on my keyboard for days. You can see my Mother's Day 2008 video here.

But, I never could have predicted this year's creation. It captures the spirit of our house - our lives - our boys.


It's my favorite one he's made me so far.

Here it is: My Mother's Day Video 2009.


  1. What a great video... that perfect blend of sentimental and fun! You guys have a great family and I love watching your vids and looking at your pics. Hope your day was fabulous!!

  2. Give Jason a BIG, BIG hug and KISS, would you?

  3. Perfect. I love it! I've learned to look forward to these videos too. :)

  4. Oh my WORD. how sweet is that?!

    Your husband is awesome! What a beautiful gift!

    The pictures and video are all so adorable and the music is just perfect!

    Love it!
    Hope you had a great Mother's Day.

  5. That's great! And you ended it on the perfect note - the empty chair, haha!!

    Knowing some of the stories behind those pictures made it all the more fun to watch - like the muddy face!! LOL!!!

    What a special gift!!

  6. That is the best gift ever. What a hubs you have, Sar. Amazing.

    I laughed at how we went from the smooth 80s song to the record screech... and the jumping boys... awesome. And then the sweet "Cheer up" song. The "Jesus loves me" part was SO your boys. Very sweet.

    In the words of VeggieTales, "I laughed. I cried. It moved me, Bob."

    Thanks for sharing that great movie with us!


  7. now I really want a video camera... again :-( It was soo sweet.

  8. Jason did such an awesome job -- that video is perfect! So glad you shared it!!!

  9. And this is what a home video should look like. LOVE IT!

    (btw ... nice vocals, SS)

  10. I laughed so hard at the end~!!! I am telling Jacob that is what he should get me every year! I would love it and it doesn't cost a thing!!!

  11. This is great! It really is a great sanapshot of your year. What a wonderful collection you will have of these little pieces of life! Tell Jaason he did good!

  12. what a wonderful video. what a wonderful gift for you. what a wonderful husband you have.

    and those boys... what can i say about those precious bundles of energy. i can tell you they bring a smile to my face and tear to my eye. thanks for sharing them with us through stories, pictures, and video.

  13. LOVE IT! :)


  14. Are you kidding me?!? J, that's just AWESOME! Loved every sweet, crazy, funny, tender minute.