Monday, May 4, 2009

Of SNL, Dukes, And Unruly Afros

I thought my husband knew everything about me.

He doesn't.

Or didn't as of 9pm on Saturday night.

Which surprised me. Because whenever I start to tell my hubby something I think he might not know about me, he breaks out into head nods and "uh-huhs" and all manner of verbal and non-verbal signals that are meant to communicate, Oh, please, please let it dawn on her that she has told me this story 73 times so that I don't have to sit through this one again and pretend to be interested.

He has the best of intentions. I think it has something to do with verbal efficiency. I wouldn't know anything about that.

But, as we were sitting with some dear, dear friends on Saturday night, chatting about movies and TV shows that have us laughing 'til we pee our pants, our friend Dan started recounting old Saturday Night Live episodes - sending my hubby on a trip to Guffaw City. I nonchalantly blurted out:

I've never seen an episode of Saturday Night Live.

My hubby choked on his [milk]. Then attempted to convince me that surely I must have seen one. He knows I've never seen one with him because I'm passed out cold and deep into dreamland by 11:30pm on Saturday nights. And, when we were dating, if we happened to be together that late on a Saturday night, I was snoring while he watched a movie alone.

Sad. But, true.

The truth is, I've never seen one episode of Saturday Night Live. I've seen clips and bits and pieces. But, never more than about 10 minutes of an episode.

I do believe I'm culturally aware and informed. Even though I've also never seen an episode of Seinfeld, either. Or Friends. Or CSI. Or The Amazing Race. I do love to watch Bob Ross.

bob ross! Pictures, Images and Photos

Can we still be friends?

I'm just not a TV watcher - and in this day and age, I think that makes me a bit strange. My lack of desire to follow any particular show or series surely has something to do with the fact that I wasn't allowed to watch TV when I was growing up - except for Saturday morning cartoons.

Well, and the obligatory Saturday night ritual of gathering the family around the TV for Hee Haw and The Dukes of Hazzard. You don't grow up in West Virginia and not watch The Dukes and Hee Haw. It's a requirement for citizenship.

So, there you have it.

I've never seen an episode of Saturday Night Live.

How about you? Have you never seen a TV show that "everyone else" has seen?


  1. First, no-I don't think you're strange. One show I've never watched is Survivor and I never will. This post makes me laugh, because from what I can remember, Seinfeld was one of Jason's favorite shows in high school and it surprises me that you have never seen an episode. We also used to watch Dukes of Hazard all the time, and also have never really watched SNL.

  2. Sarah, you make me giggle. I don't fault you for Bob Ross--he's oddly captivating.
    I've never seen Lost, which people are apparently obsessed with. I once watched about three minutes of one episode in which a giant monster made of smoke was on the attack. I thought it was the most ludicrous thing I'd seen in a while and decided I would never be roped in to the hype.
    Miss you and love you my friend!

  3. I'm homeschooled, so I get that a lot. I'm guessing you wouldn't get nearly as much done and have as fulfilling a life as you have, if you did watch tv. ^_^

    You should watch CSI, though. It's good.

  4. AHHH friends is the BEST show!!
    not tv shows but movies. Never seen Braveheart, Princess Bride, Star Wars............
    Jen laferty (soon to be smith YAY) =)

  5. I have not seen any of the star wars or x-men although I hear they're very good. I also know lots of people that watch 24 but never seen that one either.
    I have watched bob ross from time to time though.

  6. Sarah - I too have never seen a full episode of SNL. And honestly, I don't think I ever will. And oddly enough, life seems to go on with no horrific repercusions for having not ever watched SNL. Oh I miss out on some jokes every now and then, but I'm ok with that.

  7. I think that's great. I grew up having the tv on all the time. And it had turned into a bad habit. I am married to a little-tv-watching man (although, he loves his YouTube). I'm proud to say that there's not much on tv that I "crave" except the Amazing Race. We make sure our kids are tucked in tight before the Race starts on Sunday evening. It's kind of a dream of my husband's to go on the Race with his brother. Such fun to dream if we were on the Race: how we would act, would we make a good witness, would people like us, would we do terrible things to win, or risk losing to help someone out?

    Glad you were able to enjoy HeeHaw and The Dukes! ;)

  8. Gabe and I just got t.v. about a year ago- so there are A LOT of shows i've never seen. but i came from a t.v. watching house- so i have seen MANY episodes of SNL. so many better things to do than watch t.v. :)

  9. this post made me laugh...but not so much for the tv part (sadly, i've seen most - although i never watched PBS til i had kids, and most people find it odd that my childhood memories do not include mr rogers or the electric company...sorry). more than the tv, though, i couldn't help but notice how much jason and chuck act alike...from the frantic nodding at the story i've told so many times to the [milk]. haha...

  10. My family ditched the TV when I was about 5 so from then until I married at 21 I watched very little TV. The movies we watched growing up were mostly black and white and starred deceased actors and actresses.

    I married a sportsaholic and a TV junkie. Since then I have "educated" myself quite a bit about current Hollywood stars and watched many "every body's seen it" classics. I do still remain quiet in many "remember this or that show!" conversations.

    I am very thankful I had a childhood without a TV though. It was much more exciting and creative.

  11. the TV shows I have never watched could fill a book. But the major ones hmm... American idol, Lost, ANY season of survivor well lets make that any season of any reality show, 24, SNL, Just about any sitcom thought I have seen some Seinfeld and one friends episode though I did not know if it was in its entirety. But I have seen every Episode of Star Trek the original and Next Gen, a good bit of deep space nine and a few of Enterprise.

  12. Let's see...we do not watch primetime tv here. Except for 1 show, Biggest Loser. TV is always one more step more liberal and progressive than our culture, so there is no way I am letting my girls watch it. So the list of shows I have never seen are endless...including SNL and The Office...I hear people talk about that a lot. We DO watch Andy Griffith reruns and Little House on the Prairie and FOX News! Oh, and football! Marc is making his girls football fans...even me!

  13. You know, come to think of it, I don't think I've seen an entire episode of SNL. Zak quotes it a lot and sometimes I'm like, "huh?" and really only know the famous skits b/c of other people talking about them.

    I feel the need to put in a plug for our absolute favorite show ever...LOST. I can totally see how someone just randomly watching an episode would be confused and think it's not worth their while, but for those of us who have watched it from the beginning, the depth of the show is unparalleled to anything else I've seen on television. I don't think anyone is lukewarm about Lost. You are either obsessed with it (counting down to 9pm wednesday!!!) or you don't watch it at all.

    I think I will cry when the series is over.

  14. I have a few - Friends, Greys Anatomay come to mind. I have seen SNL and Bob Ross!

  15. Don't worry. You're not missing anything edifying. I don't think I've ever watched an entire episode of SNL. When I was single I watched Seinfeld and Friends, but now they seem a bit icky. I do watch other shows now and CSI is one of my faves. I wish I didn't get sucked in so easily.

  16. "Will you still be my friend?" hahahaa... Priceless! Wait... are you serious?

    And the requirements of citizenship in WV... love it!

    I don't watch the Bachelor or Bachelorette...or Dancing with the Stars.

    I watch Ina Garten's cooking show and occasionally a Martha.

  17. You're not alone. I'm not up late enough to watch SNL.
    Other shows I've never seen: CSI, Lost, 24, SVU.
    I loved Friends and Frasier, all the good shows aren't on anymore.

  18. I *heart* Bob Ross....his painting abilities that is!

    Seriously the guy is amazing! My hubby has even sat down with me and watched an episode or two. The entire time we marvel at how crazy talented he is!
    So does that mean we can still be friends?

    As far as shows...I don't watch alot if TV. The one show I do follow is 24. Love it. In fact yippee- it's on tonight!

    Oh, and I've never seen an episode of LOST. Don't know what all the fuss is about ;)

  19. Wow, I'm in shock. I don't watch much TV either. In fact, we use our computer to watch what we want to see (basically Lost and The Office). However, NEVER watching Seinfeld OR SNL OR Friends (I thought we used to have people over to our dorm room to watch this)!!!! There is a right of passage from teenagerhood involved there. But yes, I still think you're a doll and we will always remain friends through all these quirks.

    I never watched Star Wars (except for the one we all saw in the theatre together....remember how everyone loved us because we were both Star Wars vir.gins?). Love you!

  20. I've never watched SNL. Like you, I've seen bits & pieces, because my husband shows me on YouTube or I've seen people re-enact the skits. :) I don't watch it because I don't like it - they are always making fun of people! And, even if they "deserve" it, I just don't find it entertaining.

    I can, however, quote most of Friends for you. ;)

  21. well, i guess i'm the freak. many would probably say too much. i just have my favorites... 24, LOST, the office, survivor, amazing race, and law & order.

    there probably isn't many SNL episodes that i HAVEN'T seen. i started watching it in 1977. we would watch it with a group of friends.

    nowadays, i don't usually watch the entire episode each saturday, but i do see the beginning and then how tired i am dictates how much more i watch.

    i've never seen biggest loser, medium, or any of the science fiction space shows. there's more, but don't need to list them all.

    i agree with what anna said about LOST. if you've watched it from the beginning, there's nothing that can beat it. and if you've watched 24 from the very first episode, you're more than likely still watching it.

  22. I DO love Bob Ross and his happy little trees. I never watched lots of things- and I've never eaten lots of things. My kids can't believe that I've never tasted Gatorade, for example.

  23. Lynn,

    Wanna know something funny - I scheduled Thursday night classes when we lived in the dorms - because I didn't care about the TV that y'all were watching. I think ER might have followed Friends? And, I would catch the end of that sometimes after I got back!

    I guess I just never got into it and then didn't care about the storyline like you all did.

  24. Oh I used to love me some Bob Ross. He's so calming! As far as the other shows you listed, I've seen most of them but a few I've never watched have been Lost, House, and Grey's Anatomy. I have enough drama in my life with 3 girls; I certainly don't need much more.

    Love how Jason almost spit out his [milk]. You make me laugh.

  25. I think it's wonderful that you don't watch TV. I wish I didn't desire the bo*ob tube. However, I get addicted easily. I'm not big on reality tv though, and have not seen Survivor or LOST. I plan to keep it that way too, otherwise it'd be too much. I don't think you are missing much either!

  26. For me it's Lost. I just dont care enough to follow it. Lately we don't watch much tv b/c we don't have cable--I kinda don't miss it at all though!

  27. I've never watched Lost, 24, Dancing w/ the Stars, and The Office. How's that for being out of the loop?

  28. You and I would get along quite well. I watch very little TV, even today. But, I did grow up watching Sat. morning cartoons (Meep!Meep!) and the Sat. evening family shows. HeeHaw, DoH, Emergency! (my personal fave), CHiPs. Those were the days.

  29. Nope. Not strange. I've never seen any of the shows you mentioned except Friends. I feel like my brain is rotting when I watch TV.

    I haven't followed a show since American Idol in about 2005. I felt horrid that I was tied to something so trivial and I've only watched a dozen actual episodes of anything since then. Keep it up!