Tuesday, May 19, 2009

We Told Them They Could Pick Out Whatever They Wanted

See this adorable, sweet little dog?

Well, it's not ours.

Nor are we getting a dog. Though, after seeing Jack and Rocky together, I can see why many of you thought we might be adding a dog to our family.

We're not. At least not for quite some time.

What we are getting is ice cream. About once a week this summer.

Here they are - our two little boys getting more and more excited by the minute.

They heard the music getting louder and louder.

And, even the baby couldn't stop staring down the street.

Several of you guessed it correctly - The ice cream truck. Or as my sister MB wrote, "The Ripoff Truck" - because that's what my Dad always called it.

We told the boys they could pick out whatever they wanted. And, they both picked out the same thing - Ice Cream Sandwiches. (I couldn't believe it - I mean, as a kid, my sibs and I normally could only choose the cheapest things on there - LIKE THE ICE CREAM SANDWICH! And, we told the boys they could get whatever they wanted - like the super huge mongo chocolate chip cookie ice cream thingy or the Spiderman popsicle or the strawberry or chocolate eclair pops.

Nope. Ice Cream Sandwiches. Which we have in our freezer in the garage.

But, you know what? No ice cream sandwich they'd ever had was as special as this one.

Cause this one came from the ice cream truck.

Jack took his and bolted. I think he was afraid we'd get all parental on him and tell him he could only have half or try to tell him how to eat it. We do that sometimes - which is so totally lame. I don't blame him for flying the coop and hiding out with his treasure on the back deck.

So, I followed Max up the driveway.

This kid enjoyed every single bite.

Then, he stopped. And, finished the entire thing about halfway up the driveway. I think the simultaneous walking and eating was too much work and interfering with his enjoyment of it.

Man, I love this kid.

I've been reliving my childhood trips to the ice cream truck since seeing my boys experience it. When we'd go on vacation to Ocean City, MD, when I could choose anything I wanted on the ice cream truck, I always chose the strawberry eclair pop.

I still remember exactly what it tasted like. And, how good it felt to sit on the edge of a curb on a hot, summer day and enjoy an ice cream with my brothers and sisters.

So, I thought I'd ask you: What was your favorite treat from the ice cream truck?


  1. I am looking forward to getting The Girl an ice cream truck treat we have about five that roll through our neighborhood and on a hot day The music is a constant. So because of the regularity of them I want the treat to be special so I'm waiting.

  2. I've never gotten anything from an ice cream truck, but I have been meaning to blog about it, but I'll just leave a comment here...

    I was running near a predominately Mexican neighborhood a few weeks ago and heard the ice cream truck playing All Come All Ye Faithful.

    Ice Cream Man was playing on their Catholic religious beliefs and peer pressure!

    "José isn't going to the truck! Excommunicate him! Unfaithful! Unfaithful!"

  3. All I have to say is "Alaska ain't got no dang ice cream trucks"!

  4. OH MAN! This was in Cuba of course. We didn't have an ice cream truck, we had a GRANIZADO cart... usually pulled by a horse or bicycle (don't laugh). Granizado is similar to Italian ice, and was usually made with popular tropical flavors. My favorite was ANIS (accent on the second syllable). I guess the English equivalent would be ANISE or ANISETTE. I hadn't thought about this in y-e-a-r-s!

    LOVE the photos. I would have guessed Daddy or Ice Cream Truck... Demitri gets that way when he knows Daddy is about to arrive home and then shrieks with delight when he sees him.

    Love you little girl!

  5. I always enjoyed the push ups or nutty buddy ice cream cones. Cute pictures. So funny that you were saying about them and the ice cream sandwiches in the garage. Jules and I were just discussing at the grocery store, when I bought ice cream popsicles on sale for $1.46 a box!, how much more expensive they are at the ice cream truck. Jules is learning the value of money and not everything can be bought with "credit/debit cards"! She looks at things differently when it's her money to be spent. Oh, my!

  6. LOL. OK first of all, the ice cream truck that has been circling our neighborhood lately is all shades of sketchy, so we haven't let the girls get anything yet.

    But that's awesome that one comes down your street! What a fun memory for the boys!

    When I was growing up, my favorite things to get from the ice cream truck were either an ice cream sandwich or the fudge pops. Oh those were so tasty!

  7. oh no!!!! Max is losing his baby face!

  8. We didn't have ice cream trucks around where I grew up until I was in high school. But, my favorite ice cream truck type of treat was the nutty buddy. Yummo!

    We have a truck that haunts our neighborhood every afternoon. So, our munchkin NEVER gets ice cream truck ice cream at home...only when we are away from home. That keeps it a special treat.

    It's so fun watching them enjoy themselves with their ice cream sandwiches. And, that's a super-cool soccer shirt!

  9. You're going to laugh: ice cream sandwiches. :-D

  10. Ice Cream Sandwich hands down!!!!

    I am SO excited for my little guy to be able to order his very first treat from the ice cream truck this summer!

  11. Zane - that is totally insane!

    We do have an ice-cream truck that comes through our neighborhood on occasion, but the boys thankfully are still content with the "freeze pops" that are dirt cheap and come in a huge box from walmart (there must be hundreds in one box). On warm evenings, we sit out on our porch in our bare feet eating our freeze pops. While hopefully they will appreciate the memory of our freeze-pop eating, barefoot, porch evenings, I'm sure we will succumb a few times to the rip-off truck!

    I always wanted that big ice-cream filled chocolate chip cookie. Now I would have to make my own with GF cookies.

  12. These are just great! I lived in the country so no ice cream trucks for me, but I survived that trauma!
    PS - the empanadas were a huge hit. My hubby said I could make more anytime I wanted!

  13. ah man... it totally had to be those cone shaped things that had sherbet in the top and the ball of bubble gum in the bottom... some for now and some for later... or just a plain old fudge bar!

  14. I had a deprived childhood - no ice cream trucks out on the country farm for me! I probably would have taken any sort of ice cream treat though!

  15. You got me, I thought it was a dog. I read all the time and have commented maybe twice, but I have to tell you that I absolutely LOVE your blog, and I read not a few of them. From what I have been able to discern from what I have read, you are one great mom. And to answer your question, I never cared much for the ice cream truck offerings (although I do love the chocolate chip cookie sandwiches). My favorite not-bought-from-the-store ice cream treat? Soft serve chocolate ice cream on a soft cone rolled in chocolate sprinkles. It has to be the right kind of soft serve (like they have at fairs). Disneyworld's soft serve, for example, tasted much too healthy.

  16. so cute!! ours always get the ones with the most colors that once dripped on your clothing never come off again.

  17. the ice cream plastic cone with the gumball at the bottom!

  18. If it was me, I would gladly choose ice cream over a dog any day... though I think my husband and kids would disagree. :-)
    We got the kids ice cream from the "music truck" last summer for the first time. I was disenchanted by the salesman who talked on his cell phone the entire time and never even said hello when I paid more for one fudge bar than I could pay for a whole box at the store... Good Humor man he was not.
    But there is something magical about that ice cream man isn't their? The allure of not knowing when he'll come and if you can get your mom's money fast enough before he leaves your street. The adrenaline rush... I don't recall a favorite as I don't recall getting it all that often... we did the snowball stand with more frequency growing up and I loved marshmallow on my cherry snowball. If I had to choose now, I would pick a fudge bar.

    How's that for the world's longest comment??

  19. Sure brings back some childhood memories for me, too. Love the sound of that truck coming down the road as did our kids.

    I loved the nutty buddys best!

  20. these pictures are great. i love the look on their faces.

    we lived in the country so we never had an ice cream truck come to our house - just the schwan's man which is even better :o)

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