Thursday, June 25, 2009

Because Bob Wiley Will Love Us. I Know It.

I'm packing for vacation today.

Oh, how I hate packing. I think my disdain for packing comes along with my disdain for lists which, according to my sister, is part of my Myers-Brigg's personality type of which I have no idea what that is, but list-haters are apparently of a certain type and I'm clearly one of them.

Hello, most awkward, run-on sentence ever.

I have a little secret to tell you. Shhhhh. Come in closer. "Put your ear to my breath" as my four year-old would say.

I knew you all were list makers.

Just about everyone I know is a list maker, and I have accepted that I am a disorganized, non-list-maker-forget-stuff-all-the-time-should-be-making-lists-like-the-rest-of-you weirdo.

But, hey - here's a shout-out to the three or so non-list makers who read my little blog. High fives, my friends!

Anyway. Back to Bob Wiley.

Who really has nothing to do with anything except that he rode the bus to New Hampshire to annoy the boogers out of "Leo...Oops, excuse me, 'Dr. Marvin'" and New Hampshire is close to where we're going and I like to imagine that we'll run into him and he won't need a Kleenex when we pick him up in our van 'cause he'll love us from the get go.

This post really is about run-on sentences. Not Bob Wiley.

So, our little "Party of Five" is heading up to Vermont tomorrow with my hubby's side of the family for a week of glorious vacation together.

Have I ever told you how much I love these people?

Well, I love them to pieces and have loved them from the very first day I met them. They are of the most lovable sort - all of them - just the kindest, most genuine people on the planet. And, I get to be in their family and vacation with them and I love that they came along with marrying my husband.

But, before all the vacationy happiness and meeting of Bob Wiley can begin, I've got piles of laundry all over my house, and my boys are running around in their tighty whities because I have not permitted them to wear any of their clothes while I'm trying to do every bit of laundry in the house.

It's 90 degrees here today. They're lovin' the excuse to be nekked.

Do any of your kids love to run around nekked? Or are mine the only streakers in town? I swear this place would be a "noodist kolany" if my kids were running the show.

All of this to say, I am in a state of disorganized sluggishness and my kids are all shades of antsy and animated at the thought of seeing Grandma and Grandpa and their aunts and uncles and cousins and spending a week vacationing with them.

It's Slug vs. Ants until 0700 tomorrow morning.

I'm toast.


  1. My friend, Sarah, (do you remember Sarah Brown) babysat for this little girl who LOVED to be naked! So much so that it was starting to become a problem... Her mom asked the doctor what she should do and the doctor gave her some great advice: Each day the little girl got 5 minutes of naked time :) They would set the timer and she could be naked, but when the timer went off she had to put her clothes back on.

  2. Some of my kids like to be naked. My big girls seem to have outgrown it, but my boys still enjoy it. And I love my baby girl toddling around in just a diaper. The reduced laundry load doesn't hurt either.

  3. My kids used to love to run around in their undies! I think packing and 90 degrees is a great excuse!
    Have a great time with the family!!!

  4. My kids usually wear clothes outside. LOL. I try to catch my daughter before she goes out. But the minute my kids walk in the door, they take off their clothes except for their undies. Their grandparents (my in-laws) dropped by a couple weeks ago unexpectedly; apparently they told many people about it. Oh well. My kids are happy and I don't care.

  5. This post is so you, my friend. I could hear you speaking every word. Can't wait for vacation pics/stories.

  6. whew, I'm glad I still have today to pack; I'm not even close to being ready yet. have a safe and fun drive over. see you tomorrow! :)

  7. I know a Bob Wiley.. somehow I think it may not be the same Bob Wiley you know......have a great vacation... looking forwrad to hearing about it and seeing pics!!!

  8. Wishing you safe travels, loads and loads of fun, and oodles of stories to share with your bloggy friends. :-D