Monday, July 27, 2009


This is Pappy.

He became my Pappy the day I married his grandson.

I loved watching Pappy with my baby during our last visit back home.

Something about how his hands and eyes tell a thousand stories and my baby's life has just begun.

There is so much I love about Pappy.

Like when he talks about a lifetime with Jesus, and his eyes fill up with tears and a grand smile sweeps across his face. I've seen it over and over.

"Oh, to know the joy of the Lord", he'll say.

But, it's his love for Gram - and their love story that spans more than 60 years - that bears witness of that joy in such a tangible and beautiful and inspiring way.

As my husband and I build on our own love story, Pappy and Gram's legacy of love and joy fills us with hope.

That if we build our marriage on love for Jesus and "the joy of the Lord", we can be "Pappy and Gram" to our grandchildren and great-grandchildren someday, too.


  1. What a blessing, to see that kind of heritage!

  2. Such a sweet post, and so beautifully pit! I love your way with words.

  3. Sarah, you have captured some wonderful pictures of Pappy! I love them! I so love Pap and Gram and do treasure each time with them, but your pictures reminded me of how much more we need to enjoy each moment with family that the Lord gives.

  4. What a beautiful post. And I know exactly what you mean b/c I feel the same way about my husband's grandpa. We lost Grandma a year and a half ago. Their love story truly is an inspiration. And grandpa...grandpa is the picture of a gentleman, to the T. Funny you wrote this post today b/c just tonight as I sat talking to him after dinner I got to thinking how I wanted to write a post about him.

  5. How great that you married into such a Godly heritage. I too was blessed with a few years with my husband's grandma before she went to heaven. She was an inspiration to me.

  6. so sweet.

    gram and pappy are so cute together!

    what a treasure.

  7. Sar... I have a big lump in my throat. I can't comment on this one. :)

  8. Such a great gift to have someone like that in your lives.

  9. They are truly a sweet couple, and they do so love their children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren! What a wonderful heritage!

  10. I LOVE this post! What great photos and you tell it well. Delightful!

  11. Dee from Tennessee

    ~sigh~ ...tears in my eyes...

  12. Captured them perfectly... I love "Gram"s smile as he gave her a peck!