Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Why Vermont?

While Vermont would be a beautiful place to vacation simply for its beauty alone, we spent our family vacation there for a very specific reason.

Jason's parents celebrated their 35th wedding anniversary last August. In trying to decide how we might commemorate this milestone, Jason's sister, Aimee, came up with the idea to plan a family vacation to the place where Mom and Dad honeymooned. Aimee planned the trip and coordinated all the details, and at Thanksgiving, we surprised Mom and Dad with an empty photo album announcing our plan to take them back to their honeymoon spot.

That spot was southern Vermont - just a few short miles from where we rented our house for the week at the foot of Okemo Mountain.

So, as we spent the week savoring family time and exploring the area, Mom and Dad got to relive and revisit the place where they started their marriage together almost 36 years ago. And this time, they were surrounded by four of their five children (We missed you, Adam and Karla!), and six grandchildren.

Mom and Dad,

It is an honor to be your children.

Happy 35th Anniversary!

(Aimee and Scott)

(Jason and Sarah)

(Rachel and Ryan)

(Emily and Justin)


  1. I LOVED these pictures of you all as couples! Like I said in the previous post comments, I feel so blessed having you all as cousins. Can't wait to see everyone this weekend at another cousin's wedding!

  2. beautiful! looks like you all had a great time.

  3. Cute pics, SS. Thanks for introducing your bloggy friends to your family.

  4. Cute pictures!!

    Hey, I've never seen Ludlow without snow. I hope you share some of your fav places to visit.

    That mountain is where Travis proposed!!!

  5. What a sweet way to celebrate your parents anniversary!

    I love the way you surprised them with an empty photo album.What a great idea!
    Looks like you have a ton of beautful pictures to now fill the pages!

  6. What a wonderful way to celebrate their anniversary! I love the pictures too!

  7. You are blessed to have a family you love so much!

  8. these posts are great Sar--beautiful pictures. can't wait to see them every day and relive the memories.

  9. Did you all plan to wear red, white, and blue? What a nice scrapbook page that will make. ;o)

  10. SO I gotta know what are those teal buttons that everyone is wearing?

    Also, as I sort out the family... are their 5 kids.. does Jason have one sister or two?

    These pics are great.. makes me wanna have more kids and then have them plan such a wonderful vacation for me!! :-) I just love the image of them all grown up coming home with their families and still all getting along and being close... love it, love it!

  11. I can't help but come back to this post and look at that first picture and think, "Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie!"



  12. what a fun trip... and great memories.

    super pictures!