Monday, August 10, 2009

The End of the Ride

So, as I stood there anxiously waiting for my little boy to finish his first roller coaster ride, I was certain he'd be scared out of his mind.

But, then I saw his chubby-cheeked little face comin' my way.

And, I knew he'd loved it.

My boy with his Daddy. On his first roller coaster ride.

As my husband lifted him out of his seat...

Max only said one word.


  1. i knew it! and i'm glad he liked/loved it. there will be a lot of fun roller coasters in his future.

    where was jack and what are his feelings about the coasters?

  2. How can you not love a roller coaster ride when you're little? Cute pictures!

    I used to - but I don't love them anymore...and I always liked them more than T. Our kids will have to wait until they're old enough to ride unaccompanied - bah hahaha

  3. Aw, yay! Hopefully we can all go together again with kiddies and maybe even drag you on one, Sar!

  4. uh-huh.

    that's exactly what js says after he endures something that terrifies him. that, and "that was fun."

  5. Diana,

    Jack is actually on this same ride - two rows behind Jason and Max. He's riding with our friend, Dan. He loves roller coasters - always has!

  6. Just like the wild women who lived with us. They went again and again and again. It really got fun when they rode the ones with the camera and went just to see what faces that could make on the down hill photos with their dad. Trust me, those jr high days were crazy!

    Woohoo for Max!!!

  7. Way to go Max - you're my kind of kid!

  8. i loved these two posts. he is so stinkin' cute! those cheeks - oh i could just kiss em and squeeze em!

    as much as i don't like heights (no ferris wheels for me) i absolutely love rollercoasters - i dread the initial climb but once we get going i love it. max you are a boy after my own heart!