Thursday, August 6, 2009


We went to Chicago this past weekend.

During our stay in the windy city, we took the boys to Navy Pier. I have more to share about our trip, but DAGGONE if I don't take so many pictures everywhere we go that I get totally overwhelmed by the whole lot of them and just sit and eat alternate bites of ice cream and peanut butter until I close my computer and take a nap.

But, one of the highlights of our trip for the boys this time was riding the humongous ferris wheel.

I am terrified of heights.

Let me repeat.

I AM ABSOLUTELY SO SCARED TO DEATH OF HEIGHTS that I am convinced impending death is awaiting me every time I'm faced with so much as a three-story elevator.

But, my husband wasn't gonna let my irrationality cause me to miss this experience with our boys. He bought me a ticket and scooted me into line.

So, as I stood in line, staring at this...

I began to thoroughly inspect every screw, bolt, and bar of that ferris wheel.

And, I prayed. Because my prayer life is never better than when I come face to face with my fear of heights.

But, as I stood in line staring up at that ferris wheel, the view from down below was so incredible that for a moment, I forgot about my impending doom.

Oh, that sky. That beautiful, Sunday afternoon sky.

As the ferris wheel continued around, the sun would peek through the metal bars and create the most incredible streams of light.

It was such a beautiful contrast - that gorgeous sun and sky against the rigid, metal bars.

This view - right before we were about to get on - did make me want to throw up a little. Nice Thursday mornin' thought. I know.

But, then we hopped into our car - the car that I immediately laid hands on and prayed over - and we got to see Chicago like we've never seen it.

It was absolutely breathtaking.

And, now, in spite of my terror and apprehension and fear of death by ferris wheel car, we have memories of an awesome ferris wheel ride high above the city we've come to love so much.

And, a post-ferris wheel family photo that in my mind will always be titled:



  1. I visited Chicago for the first time last year and after seeing your beautiful pics I wish I had taken a ferris wheel ride. Wow!

  2. We hope to hit Navy Pier when we head that way next week. There is no way on God's green earth that I'm doing that ferris wheel. Dave has talked me into more than one adventure up in the sky, but this time I'll take your word for it and trust that the sight is beautiful. Thanks for the photos that prove it.

    The last time I remember doing something similar was on a roller coaster and as we climbed up the first hill I thought, "Lord, forgive me. I know I'm a mother and I have no business risking my life on this ridiculous ride. I promise to never do this again!"...and I haven't, LOL

  3. hehe..way to go, Sar for surviving and way to go, Jay for making her do it!! :)

  4. I'm go glad God calmed you enough for you to be able to enjoy it!

  5. i have several observations:

    1. fantastic pictures of the ferris wheel.
    2. fantastic pictures of chicago from the ferris wheel.
    3. so glad it was such a beatiful day for you guys.
    4. the family picture was great!
    5. i also love chicago.

  6. Today, the ferris wheel, tomorrow the Tower of Terror. Go SS!

    btw ... if it ain't a Winnie-the-Pooh ride, I ain't gettin' on it. Period.

  7. Sarah, I am shaking and nervous just reading this email. I kept thinking that your were writing my EXACT thoughts about those Ferris Wheels. I've never gotten on one, and I am sure I never will...I hope. So, as I read about Jason buying your ticket, I got all scared for you, thinking "I hope Marc doesn't read this, because if he does and expects me to respond like Sarah....oh, my!" What beautiful pictures of Chicago! But, I don't think I could have done it!

  8. I meant "reading this blog entry." See, you got me so jittery, I messed up my wording! LOL

  9. I love Chicago--Millenium Park, the free Lincoln Park zoo, the beach, pizza, flowers, shopping, the John Hancock ladies bathroom on the 96th floor, riding bikes, a Cubs or Sox game, the museums including the Art Museum, the Wendella boat rides, and Navy Pier. If someone is riding the Ferris Wheel for the thrill, they will be sadly disappointed but the view is great! What a great job you did with your photos. Aren't you glad for a hubby and kids (and in my case grandkids)that push you a bit out of your comfort zone. Otherwise, it could be said of us like Anne of Green Gables said of Marilla. "Oh . . . how much you miss!"

  10. BTW the Tower of Terror ain't that bad!

  11. Those are wonderful pictures. I hate heights too, and I'm proud of you for riding the Ferris Wheel and even taking pictures while you were up there.

  12. yikes! had the exact same thoughts CLIMBING the cape hatteras lighthouse last month. view was great... but i didn't stop shaking til we were about 2 miles down the road...

  13. Love the family picture and the perspective pix of the giant wheel of doom. Way to be brave....

  14. i don't like heights either. i might have ended up going on the ferris wheel but i'd be white knuckled the whole time. so much, i really wouldn't enjoy the view. and i wouldn't be able to let go long enough to use the camera.

    all of your pictures here are amazing.

  15. i am with you on the heights sister! my hubby and kiddos got me on a chair lift last summer to ride an alpine slide and i thought i was going to be sick. AAH! ferris wheels - yikes. i always have visions of one of my kids going over the edge trying to see out. i am the mother with the death grip on the kids.

    way to go you brave brave girl. your boys will remember that and treasure that moment.

    great pictures by the way!

  16. EVERY time I try to brave a ferris wheel I get to be the wimp who has to make the guy stop it so I can get back off. I need to be the last one loaded and the first one off and MAYBE it could work.

    I am insanely impressed that you could pry your hands from the bar and actually take pictures. I would have had to make the kids take them.

  17. What a great view! It looks like a great trip. Hooray for you for conquering your fear!!!