Friday, August 7, 2009

Jack: Summer 2009


Age: Almost 5

The leader.


Foods: whoopie pies, mac 'n cheese, pizza, cheeseburgers, anything with ketchup
Songs: The Star Wars Theme, Anything on The Imagination Movers album, Songs for the Cross-Centered Life.
Books: The Chronicles of Narnia, The Horse and His Boy
Movies: Star Wars, Davy Crockett, Toy Story 2
TV show: Swamp Fox
Games: Hide and Seek, Cowboys and Indians
Toys: Legos, Playmobils, Leapster 2, "Davy gun", bike, Thomas trains/table
Activities with Mommy: baking, cooking, taking pictures
Activities with Daddy: riding bikes, building Legos, going to Home Depot

Dear Jack,

You have grown so much this year. You have matured and become a leader to your brothers. We loved watching you in school this year - learning so many new things and sharing with us all of your excitement about everything you were learning. We love you and we're so proud of the boy you are becoming.

Momma and Daddy


  1. I love how you chronicle the personalities of your boys. I really should start doing that too.

    Jack, you look like a little leader.

  2. The Horse and His Boy is my FAVORITE Narnia book.

    Your boys are just awesome. Love watching the grow and change.

  3. i love when you do this series of posts. they are so sweet and it is fun to get to know your boys a little better.

    i may copy this idea...

  4. Isn't it incredible to watch our kids grow? It is wonderful to write all those special things of each of them. I'm so impressed that he loves the Narnia books!

  5. Michelle (Rudy) HarveyAugust 9, 2009 at 4:50 PM

    hayden thought the pictures of jack and max were both him... i had thought they looked like my son, but when he thinks they are him, i know there are some serious similarities... funny, you know. although i sort of see hayden in most little light haired or fat cheeked boys. :)