Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Parenting FAIL

A couple of months ago, I caught my baby sneaking chocolate chips from the pantry.

After snapping the obligatory pictures of my little pantry raider and telling you all about it, I moved the chocolate chips to a higher shelf. And, planned to keep them there until the baby forgot about them.

As if.

Because if I've learned anything over these last five years as a parent, it's that:

1. We subscribe to the "Pants optional" dress code.

2. The state of my children when picture time presents itself will inevitably cause others to tilt their heads and wonder, "Does she bathe them?"

3. And, I will teach myself the same lessons...

Over and over and over.


  1. So THAT'S where the chub is coming from. Oh my goodness this post (commentary and pictures) totally made me giggle.

  2. He is so stinkin cute! He's really starting to look like Jack!
    Don't move the chips- it's worth it to see that cute little face covered in chocolate.

  3. that is hilarious! he was just waiting!!

  4. Aw- how could you say no to that cute little face?? Especially when he is showing such good taste? ;)

  5. you wonder how many days he's gone to that cupboard, looking for those yummy chocolate chips - only to be disappointed. but he never gave up. he knew that one day, they'd be back =D hehehehe

  6. He's changed a lot in two months. As for the chocolate chips, there is only one solution to keep him out of them. You must eat them all FIRST.

  7. He's just soooo cute. Gotta love that innocent face.

  8. Too cute! He probably checked for that chocolate every.single.day. He is SO your son! Love you!

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