Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Wall Photos

Would you believe it if I told you that we do not have one single photo of our kids, us, or our family hanging or displayed anywhere in our house?


Not a one.

We have lived in our house for over a year, and we unpacked the boxes that needed to be unpacked, then I sent my husband off to work and sunk down in my favorite leather chair with a half gallon of Breyers Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream and a bag of potato chips and never moved again.

I loathe unpacking. And, I never take my pictures to be printed. Hence, we have no pictures. Anywhere.

I have decided to change that.

Over the next few weeks, I'm going to frame, hang, and display recent pictures of my kids, our family, and our friends on the walls and around our home.

Here's a photo that I'm going to hang in our entryway. I took this one of the boys while on vacation this summer. We visited an old, abandoned train station in Vermont and they were enthralled. I love how Rockwellian this one feels.

But, I can't decide between color, black and white, and sepia.

I love the color photo. It's warm and the red on the brick wall is so eye-catching. But, my eye is drawn to the color in the boys' shoes.

I love the black and white. I really like how the reflection in the window is brought to life when no other color is present.

And, I love the sepia. It's nostalgic and reminds me of the Old West - like these two modern day little boys have been transported back in time to an old train station.

I want to really enlarge this one, and the space on the wall is big enough to accommodate a large print, so I'm thinking a 16 x 20 size in a black frame on our light olive green wall.

I'd love your opinion.

Which one do you like best?

*I'm working on the post I promised on my camera, lenses, tips, etc. I'm hoping to have it finished for tomorrow!


  1. I'd do color but photoshop it so that the shoes colors are toned down. I can do that for you if you don't have the program.

  2. Oooh, Margaret. I hadn't thought of that. I do have Photoshop (and LOVE it). Great idea!

  3. i like the idea of b&w, but i think the vivid warmth of the red would look great against olive green.

  4. I like the color one, with the idea of toning down the shoe colors as well. Great shot!

  5. love the color one! i agree with toning down the shows since they bother you :)

  6. I totally agree with the color and toning down the shoes.
    Great photo!

  7. I would crop the photo so the objects on the right side do not distract from the window and boys.

  8. one more vote for the colored one. that red brick is just too rich and beautiful.

  9. I'm torn between the color one (with the shoes toned down) and the sepia one. I really love both.
    I've never commented on your blog before, but I love it. Thanks for all your beautiful posts-- your boys are adorable. And your recipe box! Yum, yum, yum. :-)

  10. Yeah, I agree with Mcgough... the color one is stunning... and it doesn't take much photoshop work to tone down the shoes. Color! Color!

  11. I love the photos and am only adding two cents because you asked.

    I like the color--just as it is. The shoe color is fun!

    I would probably crop it a little bit but I like the off center, imbalance to make it more real.

    I also like sepia one a lot!

    You can't go wrong. Yes, enlarge it and frame it. It will be darling!

  12. The red is just so stunning, I agree with the color vote. And I think this is such a perfect shot for an entryway... love the thought of enlarging it so big.... have fun! You are an awesome photographer (with great material to work with) so I am sure your home is going to look so warm and homey with your pics adorning it!

  13. Color. The red would go great with light olive green walls.

  14. Love the color, I even the shoe color and how it sort of matched the little boxy thing on the left which I dont think you should crop. The color is vibrant and happy like the boys feel when looking at the window. My vote: color and dont change a thing!

  15. Love the idea of the color with shoes toned down...but I really like the b&w too!!

  16. Definitely color. What a beautiful picture of them -- it completely captures their curiousity and wonder.

  17. I vote for the color one too. What a great picture!

    Looks like it should be on the front of a card with a cheesy caption like
    "Just checking in to see how you are doing" ...

  18. i am torn between the color and the sepia. isn't it hard now that we have all these choices??

  19. How about black and white, except for the window reflection and the bench, both in color?

    Not that I could do that; but I think it would look neat.

  20. I totally love the black and white. That gets my vote!

  21. Wow...I was having a hard time deciding, but it looks like my vote isn't worth much at this point. The majority has spoken!

    Great picture!

  22. So long as you have photoshop out and ready to go to work, might I suggest you remove the two distracting objects on the left of the photo? They cause the eye to leave the focal point (your boys) and the break up the continuity of the brick wall.

    I enjoy your blog. Always a delightful read.