Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Windy City Nightscape

When we visit Chicago, we usually stay at a hotel in the suburbs, or with our dear friends, Dan and Emily.

We decided to cash in some of my husband's hotel points and stay one night downtown during our last visit.

Our room was on the 15th floor.

(I was terrified riding the elevator up to our room and I was terrified any time one of the kids even got NEAR the window. But, we've already gone over all that ad nauseum, so I'll spare you any more talk of it.)

The view from our hotel room window that night was simply stunning.

However, were we not in the digital age of photography, all I would have to show for it is this:

Me. Pajamas. Staring back at myself. Yikes.

I grabbed my camera and didn't turn off the flash.

If I had done this back in college, I would have gone to Rite Aid three days later, picked up my $9.99, one-hour, double prints, and cried my eyes out that instead of getting the view from our window, I got the window's view of me.

But, you know, one of the things I love most about photography is that I'm always learning. And, I love that modern day photography is so forgiving and gives you second, third, fourth, etc. chances.

It's a whole lotta trial and error. I don't understand all the technical stuff, but I'm getting it. Slowly. And, I learned something that night. Flash is a no-no. At night. When trying to take a picture out of a window.

This, my friends, was our view from the window.

I love this city.

I love photography.


  1. omg, your camera is awesome, that looks like a postcard.

  2. So jealous...
    Would it be wrong to register for one? Shawn won't let me buy one :(

  3. Gotta tell you...Dave laughed at photo #1, hehe. I was verbally telling him the story and before I got to the end he said, "You NEVER use a flash with night photos!"

    Great job on #2 It's beautiful!!

    PS Dave is wondering if you have a good tripod. "It's worth the investment for these shots."

  4. That is a really cool photo, Sar. And the one of the city is good, too. *wink*

  5. wow - what a view! i heart chicago!

    and a totally great shot - minus the flash.

    a good camera is on my birthday list this year, although Josh claims I'll never use it, and just end up going back to my light, small $100 one. we'll see.

  6. Amazing pic (and great story)! What camera do you use?

  7. Breathtaking!! What an awesome picture...must have been even better in person.

  8. Awesome picture!

    But I like the first one too - a self-portrait of sorts with Chicago in the background! ;-D

  9. Definitely could be a postcard!

    Just Beautiful!

  10. What a gorgeous picture! You should do a post on your camera - what kind is it and what special things do you use?

  11. Sarah! Is that for real???? You took that pucture? It looks like out of a magazine! You should enter it in a contest :)

  12. Holy Wow! That pic is amazing!!!

  13. breathtaking....wish we lived closer so you could teach me... ;o)

  14. wow - I had the same thought. It looks like a postcard!

  15. Wow! Great photo! Love Chicago!

  16. Nicely done Sarah! You've captured some great shots lately... this breath taking night shot of Chicago and the breath stealing shots of the Ferris wheel last week. Looks like your trip to Chicago was picture perfect!!

  17. Great picture of the city Sarah! I just have one did you get the picture to be so clean and clear when taken through a hotel room window? I always seem to capture the layer of window grime in my pictures so it looks like my subject is dirty! Let me know your secret.

  18. Sar - This is amazing. Magazine cover - worthy.

  19. Hi, everyone!

    I read all of your comments and questions and I'll do a post next week on my camera, etc., and answer your questions and respond to your comments.

  20. awesome picture.

    i love chicago. morgan has a gymnastics meet there in february. i can't wait to get back to one of my favorite cities.

    i need a lesson on night time photography.i haven't quite got it figured out yet.