Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Do you want to know what my baby has chosen as his most favorite toy?

The one he runs to every morning and the one he cries for when we pry his little body away from it at night?

The play kitchen. The play food. The play dishes.

I could weep for joy.

Do you see the look of concentration on his face? He is mastering his craft. He is perfecting his sauteing skills. And, he is creating a killer chicken pot pie. I'm certain of it.

My baby watches me when I'm cooking. I'd never noticed.

So, just go ahead and stick a fork in me. I'm done. I'm no good to anyone anymore. I have seen all that I need to see to die fat and happy.

Inscribe it on my gravestone:

Her baby became a chef. She perished of delight.


  1. aw... yay! funny the things that delight us. like the time i called lucy to lunch and she yelled back, "wait, i'm not finished cleaning yet!" sad, but true... and it made me smile :)

  2. LOL. This post is awesome, Sar. So totally you!!!

  3. It's in the genes! The pictures are so cute with him concentrating so hard,.

  4. This reminds me of when my grandson would come to my house and we would play restaurant. He would come to take my order, scribble my choice on a piece of paper and then stay, "I'll be back in a minute." He would come with my hanburg and fries and hand me the bill and put his hand out for the cash. Later he would come back for his "tip". What fun! He is now 17.

  5. Sar- I see the concentration... It's so neat to see Lincoln develop into his own little person... who knew it would chef-ish?

    That's awesome!


  6. he is so precious.
    i can't believe how big he looks... how fast he's grown up. it seems like just last month that you were pregnant and then giving birth to that little bean =)

  7. awesome! i love the dedication you see there!

  8. is this what he does while you are teaching? i am struggling to get jonah (15 months) to do something on his own at that time!

  9. He is so adorable! Man, one could just eat him up! Looks like you'll have three little helpers for Christmas cookies this year!!

  10. :) he does look like he knows what he's doing. he's so cute!

  11. Eeeeek!!! I just want to squeeze him! And pretend to eat every bite of yumminess that he is creating.