Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Our Disney Souvenir

*Edited to add: I sometimes ask my husband if he'd like to name a blog post I'm working on. I tell him about it, or show it to him before I post it, and give him the opportunity to choose the title.

His title for today's post:

When Our Kids Act Like Mike Tyson

I sent him to the corner and he has since been grounded from any post-naming for a month.


I am incurably sentimental about our family vacations.

So, every time we go on vacation, I look for something to bring home to remember our vacation by. I usually pick out an ornament, too - because I am also incurably sentimental about Christmas.

When choosing what to buy, I look for a small something that won't get thrown in a box or stored and forever forgotten in a plastic container in our basement - but, something meaningful that we'll use or display or really be special to our boys.

It's a tall order for a souvenir.

But, during our recent Spring Break trip to Disney World, I spotted the perfect thing to serve as our keepsake from our trip:

A set of two egg rings.

What is she smokin', right? Who on earth wants egg rings? But, the minute I saw them, I knew exactly what we could do with them.

[In case you haven't guessed, it had nothing to do with eggs.]

We brought them home, and a few days later, we opened them up and took a kitchen trip back to Main Street.

We made a jelly roll-sized pan of Rice Krispy Treats.

And, using the egg rings, we cut out Mickey shaped "treats".

It was serious business for these tiny hands. Oh, how they loved doing this.

After we finished pressing them out, we ended up with a couple of platters of these.

We melted some chocolate chips in a small glass bowl in the microwave, and painted on chocolate Mickey ears.

When we were finished, we had sweet, homemade, chocolate, edible souvenirs.

And, we make them any time we want to relive and remember our first trip to Disney World.

*If you want to buy a set of these egg rings for yourself, you can head to The Disney Store in Downtown Disney, or find them online here.


  1. oh my word! So cute and yummy! Hey, I made your potato skins last night...A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!

  2. How cute are they? Great idea, and every time you use them, you'll remember that good time!

  3. mmm, cute idea. they look really good.

  4. Ahaha...I think Jason's title is perfect. But this is a super cute idea. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Cute! But after your title, I seriously thought you were going to tell us #4 was on the way! ;-) lol

  6. HAHA, Momma Roar! I didn't think of that. But, if we had brought that kind of souvenir back from Disney, I'd be big as a house by now.

    Maybe I *should* leave the post naming to Jason. LOL!

  7. What a great idea! I was at Disney last year for a corporate event, and the Disney catering staff made all kinds of yummy desserts...including chocolate-dipped Mickey-head-shaped rice krispie treats! See, you're brilliant! You could work at Disney. :-)

  8. Janine,

    Really? That's awesome.

    I saw a Disney World cookbook in one of the shops at Magic Kingdom, but I didn't get a chance to look through it. I wonder if there are recipe ideas for the stuff they made at the event in that? I'll have to go look online for it - the boys would LOVE more "Disney" food!

  9. But we don't see enough pictures to know if you would be the "size of a house." A blogger's perfect secret!! LOL!!!

    Ahhh, it was just fun to tease ya!

    I'll have to look for these (and a cookbook - that is usually my trip souvenir) when we head to Disney Island in Nov.

  10. Totally cute!

    btw ... I had the same initial thought as LA. Gee, what are the chances of that.

  11. Yes! We have one of these at my house, too! I used them to make rice krispy treats, too. The little boy I babysit is obsessed with Mickey and he LOVED them

  12. So, when I saw this in my Reader, I was going to tell you that I loved this idea and it was precious. Completely. But I didn't get the whole Jason thing until now, SIX DAYS LATER. LOl. Now I totally get it and it is hilarious. At least I didn't have to have Dave explain it to me this time.