Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Silhouettes at Sunset

I recently shot some photos of my boys during a glorious sunset over Lake Michigan.

It's amazing to me what the backdrop of a sunset will do to a photo. It creates mystery and wonder and tells a unique story.

It creates silhouettes.

During the day, when you want to capture a clear, crisp photo - as the photographer - you typically want the sun at your back. But, shooting right into the sun during a sunset will create the most striking silhouettes of your subjects.

I love how these silhouettes of my boys tell a story that would otherwise be missed if I'd captured these photos at daytime. Seeing just their outlines against the dancing water and reflection of the sun captures their personalities in a unique and beautiful way and evokes deep, thoughtful, and magical emotions.

Here's what I see:

My dreamer. (Ralph Macchio in Karate Kid?)

My adventurous one.

Best friends. No matter what.

And, I have no idea what to say about this one except that it makes me want to weep. I feel so much emotion when I look at this photo.

The one I love sharing a moment with our baby. It gets me every time.

I just love how this photo, all of these photos, make me feel.


  1. I definitely see how they pull a mother/wife's emotional strings. I could look at them over and over, too.

  2. i think these, in different sizes, would make a nice framed collage. beautiful!

  3. Wow, yeah these would look so cool in your theater room! Perfect with the black silhouettes and your furniture! They are great Sarah!

  4. Oh my goodness that night was so fun. I love these pictures, Sarah. They do capture the hearts of your family so well.

  5. They are each beautiful. I agree - you need to frame them!

  6. These pictures are gorgeous, Sarah! Grrr... I need a new camera...

  7. They are all stunning, but I, too, can feel the emotion in that last one.

  8. The Ralph Macchio reference was hilarious!! Love that movie.