Wednesday, September 2, 2009

To Jack: On Your 5th Birthday

It greets me every morning: The curiosity and energy in your eyes.

In the span of a day, you climb mountains and fight pirates and run through swamps and storm castles. You jump. You fly. You wield a light saber and a sword. Your imagination is boundless.

You are not hindered by thoughts of others' perceptions of you. You are free. Unaffected. Uninhibited.

I marvel at your boyish wonder and fearless exploration. I envy your spirit of adventure. You remind me of everything I've forgotten about child-like dreams and you inspire me to keep dreaming right alongside you.

My heart is simultaneously heavy and hopeful as the years speed by. I yearn to keep you my baby boy. Yet, I feel the relentless tug of time that won't let you stay that way. I don't want to let go of today. But, I can't wait for tomorrow.

Words have not yet been invented that are colorful enough, bright enough, full enough to describe the love and joy you have brought into my life. I could live these last five years a thousand times over and never tire of watching you change from the newborn in my arms to the boy you are today.

It has been my great privilege to carry you and witness your birth. To watch you grow. To share in your triumphs and challenges and to play the role of "Momma" in your ever-expanding world. As you continue on your life's grand adventure, may you never doubt the depth of my love for you.

Happy 5th Birthday, Jack. May this year hold your greatest adventures yet.


  1. Happy, happy birthday sweet Jack. Your Momma described you perfectly. We love you, big 5 year old boy!

  2. Happy Birthday, little buddy! May you light saber help you cut the cake today. *wink*

    Your Momma sure knows how you tick! She's the perfect momma for ya.

    We love that impish little grin as well.


  3. "I don't want to let go of today. But, I can't wait for tomorrow." Perfect words for that first born child. I still think them of my first born at 26.

    David celebrates his birthday next week. Trust me, he is far from 5, but does have a 5 in his age, LOL.

    Happy birthday Jack...let's have cake! We love you sweet and wonderful little boy!

  4. Wow, what an amazing depiction of an amazing young life. God bless you Jack and your wonderful parents! Enjoy the day

  5. Happy Birthday Jack! I hope you have a very special day!

  6. Jack - Happy Birthday. Enjoy your special day!

  7. beautiful description! i think that captures how many mothers feel about their firstborn...

  8. Happy 5th Jack! Hope your day is special =)

  9. Some of my favorite phrases are "simultaneously heavy and hopeful", and "Words have not yet been invented that are colorful enough, bright enough, full enough . . ." You write well and articulate words of love that I feel for my kids and grandkids.

    Have a happy day celebrating Jack!

  10. today we are celebrating our eldest 5th birthday too...its so hard to believe that 5 beautiful years have come and gone!

    so happy birthday to jack and to my micah!

  11. Happy Birthday to Jack! I hope he is enjoying his special day!

  12. Happy Birthday Jack! Love you! Aunt Em and Uncle Justin

  13. Sweet boy is blessed with such a sweet momma. Love these words.