Thursday, October 29, 2009

Baking Tip: Save Those Butter Wrappers!

Since I do a lot of baking around here, I go through lots and lots of butter.

Especially around the holidays when we're entertaining and I'm baking my Ten Favorite Comfort Food Recipes and Cookies Galore.

Which means I end up with a whole lot of these.

Butter wrappers come in very handy when I'm baking. Let me show you.

See all of that butter left on there?

I use butter wrappers to grease my baking pans. I turn them butter-side down in the pan, and spread the butter all over whatever baking pan I'm using.

One butter wrapper will grease an entire 9" x 13" baking dish!

If I use more than one stick of butter in a recipe, then I store the remaining one(s) in a Ziploc bag in my refrigerator. Then, any time I need to grease a pan, I grab a butter wrapper out of the bag!

So, save those butter wrappers instead of throwing them away!

They're great for baking!

*For more recipes, click on my Recipe Box on my sidebar. You'll find a lot of holiday recipe ideas - from appetizers to main dishes to desserts!

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  1. Aren't you just the cleverest thing, Miss Martha! Thanks a bunch!!

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  3. I've done that before, but thanks for the reminder!

  4. Right now I am having a "duh" moment. Brilliant. Bookmarking now.

  5. I know I told you this already, but such a great idea Sar!

  6. What a good idea; I have never thought of doing this.

  7. I love your idea.

  8. Smart tip--I always forget to do it, but thanks for the reminder!

  9. You know what? My mom used to do this, but I NEVER have. I can't believe I forgot! Thanks for the tip! (Now to get me to remember to save the wrappers!!!)

  10. I found you through the WATF WFMW carnival and had to come see why I needed to save butter wrappers. What a wonderful idea - thanks for the tip!
    ~Rachel :)

  11. Smart post!

    Thanks for sharing your tip. I do this too and am always surprised at how many people throw them away! Waste not, want not.

    Stop by and see me sometime over at Free 2 Be Frugal!


  12. Great Idea!!!! I would have never thought of that!

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