Thursday, October 29, 2009


Have you ever heard a song and not been able to make out all the words?

So, you just kind of mumbled past the words you didn't know, and belted out the rest of the song in your car or shower anyway?

Well, my three year-old son, Max, doesn't know all the words - as you're about to see.

Except that he's not about the mumbling.

He belts out the theme song to his favorite TV show with every bit of gusto he can muster.

In the bath.
In the car.
At Target.
At church.

Max is completely hooked on this show. His Grandpa introduced him to it several months ago, and this boy cannot get enough of it. He (and his brother) are so hooked, in fact, that...well, you'll see on Monday.

For today, a video.

Of my Max. Belting out the first few lines of his favorite song:

The theme song to his favorite (1950's) TV show.

Here is the original version:

And, here is my Max.



  1. That is so funny! What language was that anyway?
    I love Max!

  2. What a great way to start my Friday - oh I laughed at that. We love you and your gusto, Max!

  3. Loved it and laughed!

  4. That is awesome. After seeing it with the subtitles is even more awesome. I need to introduce my son to Zorro too. I love it when I can get him to love old films and TV shows.

  5. haha... love jason's enthusiasm...

  6. You totally need to post a scrip of what is actually coming out of his mouth not just what the lyrics actually are.

  7. Margaret,

    If you can figure out how to put that into words, let me know. Your guess is as good as mine.


  8. Aw, I love it! Almost better than itsy-bitsy spider ;) Give him a big hug from me!

  9. Oh yeah, gotta love it. We had one that used to sing about Jesus, our rock and our redeemer. She sang, "Our rock and bottle reamer!" Huh?

    Love it! Love MAX!!!!!

  10. Love it! Belt it out Max. You may be little, but you have a great voice...kinda like your momma. ;o)