Thursday, October 1, 2009

Poll: Choose the [You Pick the Title] Winner

*UPDATED*: Congratulations, Diana! Your title of "Hey buddy, aren't your shinguards supposed to be under your socks?" received the most votes. It was hilarious and now sits up top of Thursday's [You Pick The Title] post!

Thanks to all who entered and voted! This was a ton of fun!

Have a great weekend!

You know the real reason I do these You Pick The Title contests, right?

Because I get to sit back, watch your responses come in, and LAUGH MY BUTT OFF! Or cry my eyes out - as in the case with my baby wrapping his arm around my middle child.

Well, this time - y'all came up with so many titles that were so absolutely hilarious, that the people pleaser in me simply couldn't choose a winner. Neither could my husband - whom I desperately tried to persuade to pick a winner for me.

So, I (painfully) narrowed it down to three choices. And, I'm just gonna leave it up to a majority vote. Just click on your choice in the poll below, and I'll close the voting at 11pm tomorrow (Friday) night.

Winner goes up top of my last [You Pick The Title] post!


Which title best describes this photo?

Happy weekend, everyone!


  1. Fun!

    And when you have these posts, I find myself checking in more times a day to get my extra dose of laughter while reading comments! :)

  2. I am so torn, but I finally voted....hilarious!!!

  3. aw man, I liked "um, what are we supposed to be doing?" and then you could label the other kids, "uh, I dunno" LOL especially because you said he is your daydreamer

    I voted though! Love the pic

    - Erin K.

  4. thanks sarah and voters. all the replies were so funny. it was fun to read through them all.

    hope you all enjoyed your soccer game today.

  5. Oh I cannot wait to see one of his games -- they sound awesome. Sorry I was a little lame and forgot to comment before the poll closed. This was such a fun idea, though to have other people vote on it!